3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Your Local Movers


Moving can be overwhelming and time consuming! Due to the economy peoples’ pockets are little tighter than they used to be. During a move, some people might opt to just moving themselves in hopes that it will keep cost down in some cases that might be true, but if you have a lot to move and little time it may not be the best idea. Here are three reasons why you should hire your local moving company.

Licensed and Insured (You Are Protected) –

All local movers are licensed and insured. It will put your mind better at ease to know that if something is damaged by a moving company, they have no choice but to either reimburse you for the damages they have caused or replace it. Every company has their own insurance policy, so make sure you read thoroughly on each policy.

This also out beats a friend accidentally breaking something of yours; we doubt your friends have their own insurance policy handy. You might lose or have a strain relationship from them breaking something; they can refuse to reimburse you or to replace it, they may not have enough to cover it. In other words, this might just come out of your pockets to replace a damaged item done by your friend. Spare your friendship(s) hire a local moving company.

 Local Movers are Creditable, Reliable, and Affordable-

Just because your local movers are the underdog of the national moving companies doesn’t mean they are not as experienced as them. It’s only natural for us to be more drawn to something that is better known, remember not all publicity is good publicity. As mentioned before local companies are well-trained, experienced and insured as well. They’re operational costs are much less than a national one and their record is easier to track.

With local movers you can read their reviews online like; Yelp, Google Plus, Angie’s List, Facebook and the Better Business Bureau. Of course you can read reviews about national moving companies online as well, but they all have different/multiple branches so the search might take longer narrowing down to one.

Another plus about hiring your local movers is that they know how to operate locally they’ll know more about the surrounded cities in your area. If time is not on your side, local moving companies offer time-management and even short notice moves that you usually can’t get from national moving companies. Local company movers also pay more attention on handling your belongings with care as if you were family.

At Garrett’s Moving & Storage we treat our customers like family and treat your belongings with care as if they were our own. Most moving companies move your furniture outside and then package it. This increases the chance of your furniture incurring dings and damage. Garrett’s Moving and Storage, on the other hand, shrink wraps and packages your furniture inside your home to prevent damage from occurring. And the best part is, this comes standard with our residential moving services at no extra charge.


Sense of Security-

Hiring local movers will give you sense of security not just emotionally and mentally but also physically! Some local movers offer safe and secure storage facilities for their customers. Garrett’s Moving and Storage’s has the state-of-the-art storage facility that is a great solution for both your short and long term storage needs during your move. With our storage facility, you can have peace of mind that your possessions will be completely safe and secure until they are returned to you.

Save money, time, and friendship(s) hire your local movers for your next move!


Need a local moving company for your next big move? Contact Garrett’s Moving and Storage at 972-487-5843 or visit our website at www.garrettsmovinginc.com.

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