6 Ways to Make a Cold Weather Move Less Miserable

Moving can be a stressful experience, and adverse weather conditions can make it more difficult. If you’ve lived in an affordable apartment in a city like Houston, Texas; or Dallas or Austin for that matter, loading and unloading trucks in 100-degree weather can be taxing, but so can attempting to move when the temperature is below zero.

If you do have to face a cold weather relocation, here are some tips that can make it easier.

Be Organized Early

Maybe you and your parents cleaned out your dorm room in one nice May Day, but that was only stuff that filled one room. Even if you are moving from a one-bedroom apartment, you will have a lot of items. The most successful movers start weeks or even months before their move and pack one room at a time. They don’t randomly box items and they stay focused. Even if it takes a week, getting one room totally cleaned, sorted and packed gives one a great sense of accomplishment. Keep in mind, if you’re really not interested in organizing your stuff alone, you can always hire pro movers.

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

Downsizing and cutting down the number of items you need to move should be done even before you start the packing process. Do you really need all those RCA cables that came with your TVs? Since almost all music is digitally available now, seriously think about parting with your CD collection. Yard and garage sales are a great way to cut down on the number of things you will need to move. You can also place ads on Craigslist offering some items for free if those interested agree to move them.

Get Pro Help on Moving Day

Even if you can bench press three hundred pounds, carrying a downstairs fridge up a narrow stairway can simply be dangerous. Professional movers have the tools to get the job done correctly, and they have the experience to know what will fit where. While it might be obvious to a pro that a door needs to be taken off in order to slide a stove through, you may not make that realization until the appliance is physically stuck in the doorway.

Get Good Gloves

It’s easier to cut yourself when your hands are stiff and cold so invest in heavy duty gloves to protect yourself. Don’t think that your dirty and torn summer gardening gloves will do the trick, and if you try to use fingerless workout gloves, you are exposing yourself to risk.

Have a Plan

If it’s 10 below outside and the wind chill is -45 degrees, you’ll have to figure a way to minimize your time outside. Have a meeting with your crew and figure the most expedient ways to get things quickly from your apartment to the truck. Also take frequent breaks to warm up.

Heated Storage Unit

If you are moving to Dallas from Chicago, and you’re downsizing, it might make sense to secure a Dallas storage unit ahead of time. Much like the cold weather in Chicago, you’ll need climate controlled storage for the heat in Dallas, too.

Hot, cold, rainy, windy and/or snowy conditions can contribute to moving stress. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or just someone moving to a new rental, if you get organized early, dress for the weather and get rid of unnecessary items, the entire process can be accomplished easier.

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