3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid One Day Packing

So you’re preparing to move to a new home. You’ve signed all the paperwork, made all the necessary accommodations, and now you need to pack. You take a deep breath, get the Pepto Bismol ready for any bumpy or stressful moments, and start packing.

But when do you start this the packing process? Chances are, if you’re one of the many procrastinators out there, you might be doing everything the day before a move. Although last-minute packing is quite common, it’s a really unhealthy way to take on such a monumental task.

Here are three reasons why it’s better to steer away from one day packing.

Labeling Moving Boxes

Taking multiple days to pack up your possessions can help you stay organized throughout the process.

1. Organization.

If you’re packing your home all at once, chances are you’ll just load everything into boxes in the middle of your living room. That will allow you to pack everything as quickly as possible (which is important, since time is of the essence), but it will likely make your packing process a jumbled mess.

On the other hand, if you take a two or three-day approach to packing up your home, you can pack in a methodical, organized fashion. For instance, you can pack a certain number of rooms one day, and then pack another cluster of rooms the next day. This procedure will help you with…

Moving Boxes Into Home

If you take a few days to pack your possessions, you’ll be less likely to misplace important items in an avalanche of boxes.

2. Utility.

There’s nothing more frustrating than moving to a new home, looking for an essential item that you will need almost immediately (such as a towel, some soap or bed linens), and realizing it’s buried in one of the many identical boxes you have sitting in your new living room. Suddenly, you’re opening up all of your boxes and digging through them to find your precious item. After you find the item, you have a jumbled mess of other possessions all over your floor that need to be cleaned up.

As annoying as this scenario is, it happens all too commonly to people who pack up all their possessions right before a move. Quite simply, it’s very easy to blindly toss your precious toothbrush, shampoo or pillows into a box when you’re feeling overwhelmed by a last-minute packing job.

But there is a better way! If you take a multi-day approach to packing, you’ll be forced to isolate the items you will need to use in the days leading up to and following a move. This method forces you to pack the items you’ll need immediately after a move last, highly reducing the chance that you’ll forget where they are. Even if that final box gets lost in the shuffle somehow, you’ll know that all of your essentials are in one box (rather than being scattered amongst several boxes).

Keeping a methodical, organized pattern for packing over multiple days will also help you with…

Stressed Out Woman

If you take a few days to pack for a move, you’ll be able to handle any issues that come up without getting too stressed.

3. Issue resolution.

Regardless of how extensive your preparation is, chances are your move won’t go entirely to plan. Most likely, you’ll find that you have more possessions to pack than you anticipated. You also might find yourself needing more moving supplies, such as boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

If you take a multi-day approach to moving, you’ll likely be better prepared to deal with these issues as they come up. No last-minute trips to the store will be needed; you can go and buy reinforcements on a less frantic schedule. At the very least, this will help your peace of mind — which tends to be more fragile than a piece of antique pottery in an earthquake during the moving process.

So again, if you’re planning out a move, be sure to set aside multiple days to pack up your current home. You’ll thank yourself when the move is over.

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