How Do Movers Calculate the Right Weight?


No, movers don’t actually use this type of scale (we were just loving the retro pink style). Image Courtesy: Barbara/Flickr

Let’s play a game. Think about all the items you have in your house, from your big screen TV all the way down to your Beanie Baby collection. Now try to guess how much it all weighs together.  Do you have a magical moving calculator you can use to determine this?

We’re just kidding. To your movers, however, this process is no joke. For all long distance moves they do, a weight estimate is required in order to give the customer the most accurate estimate possible. So, how do movers calculate the right weight?

Magic? We wish.

Lugging a giant scale into your house and weighing each item piece by piece? Try again.

The truth is a lot less interesting. Most moving companies have developed weighing systems to estimate moving weight. This usually involves a representative from the moving company visiting your home, taking an inventory of your items, and providing you a written estimate of how heavy he or she thinks all of your items will be.

A Moving Calculator Does Exist, and It’s Not Even Magical!

This may sound like a very challenging task, but it is actually made fairly easy by using a moving calculator, such as this one from It lists most of the commonly found items in a home, from furniture to televisions.

For example, let’s say you want to figure out the weight of your daughter’s bedroom. She has one single (twin) sized bed, one night table, one desk, and a double dresser. Putting those into the calculator, you will get the following weights.

Single Bed: 280

Night Table: 70

Desk: 140

Double Dresser: 280

Total Weight: 770 pounds

In order to get the best idea of how much your household weighs, be sure to get more than one moving company to come out to your house for an estimate. Some movers may lowball you in order to get your business, then jack up the price when the actual weight is revealed. Therefore, don’t just go with the lowest estimate you can get. Multiple estimates can safeguard you against this.

In addition, be sure to ask any potential movers whether the truck will be weighed at the beginning of the move or at the end. Any refueling trips can affect this weight, so make sure any fuel costs are clearly laid out beforehand.

After the truck is fully packed on moving day, the whole truck gets weighed on a certified scale. The actual weight of the truck determines the exact cost of the move.

Looking for a long distance mover that can weigh your stuff right?

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