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Do You Need to Tip Your Long Distance Movers?

Tip Jar

Customers often ask us “Do I need to tip my movers when I’m moving long distance?”. Of course tipping is absolutely not required by any means. However, if you feel your movers did an exceptional job, you may want to thank them with a tip.  The next obvious question is “How much to tip movers?” According to an Angie’s List member survey, the “Movers” category was cited by the highest number of survey respondents as the category in which they were most likely to leave a tip. Reading that made everyone here at Garrett’s feel really thankful for being so […..]

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How do I tell my kids that we are moving? Helping your child cope with moving

helping your child cope with moving

Moving might be one of the hardest things family have to go through at some point in their lives. As hard as it can be for adults, it might be even harder, and take longer, for children to adjust to change. Especially if they don’t understand why they must move. In this article, we make a few points that can help you prepare your kids for an imminent move. Discuss the move with kids and keep them involved For families that have gone through major life changes like losing a loved one or divorce, parents might find it helpful to […..]

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Top 5 Moving Problems and Solutions

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Rent vs Buy – Dallas Moving Experts – DFW Moving and Storage Specialists

Rent vs Buy

“Rent vs buy” is question many consider after dealing with a bad experience.  Whether it’s because of a bad landlord at your previous apartment or consequences of hiring a bad moving company, you might start wondering if you would be better off as a homeowner. When dealing with home maintenance costs, you might think that it might be easier on you as a renter. This is one of the many questions most adults find worth asking when considering, “Is it better to buy or rent a house?” In this article, we are discussing a few points to think about when […..]

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College Dorm Move


    Welcome aboard you are now the new kid on campus especially if you’re a freshman and living on campus. So long are the days of being in high school and onto the new adventures that are waiting for you. Here are some helpful tips for your move to your campus this advice can be for freshmen, transfer, international or even upperclassman students living in the dorms. The Myth First thing first, let’s clear up the myth that so many hopefuls come to college for….Parties. It might depend on which school you go too; some might have parties more […..]

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