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Big City Move-Career Relocation

Big City 01 (Blog 5)

Your dreams are coming true, making that next relocation to a big city. Whether you are moving to start a career there, have a job lined up or just want to start new beginnings. Moving to a city or a town that is unfamiliar to you can be nerve wrecking and terrifying. It’s the unknown that people are fearful about. These tips may not take away those jitters all the way but may be able to simmer them down just a little. Relocation, Oh The Places You Will Go: Some people dreamed of the particular places they will move too, […..]

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Top 3 Moving Tips for Your New Move

Moving into a new home can be exciting and exhausting!  You’re running around to make sure everything is packed neatly, double checking to make sure you have everything and that everything is transferred safely to your new home will make anyone pass out.  Here are some helpful moving tips that should give you a little ease with your move: Moving Tips: #1 Make A List: If you have up to 3 months before your big move, you should make a check list of your move. Rather that’s making a list which room you’re going to pack up first, to which […..]

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Sort Through The Muddle Of Dallas Neighborhoods: The Five Best Places To Live In Dallas

best places to live in Dallas

Dallas is the fourth largest urban center in the United States, with dozens of suburbs and hundreds of neighborhoods to choose from. With all of these choices it can seem overwhelming to decide where to live in Dallas, but there are a handful of neighborhoods that standout, especially for newcomers to the area.  Here are the five best places to live in Dallas: Best Places to Live in Dallas Central Plano Location: Nestled between Preston and Central Expressway, Central Plano has quick access to all of the major thoroughfares on the Dallas side of the Metroplex. Add to that the […..]

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5 Tips For A Cross-Country Move

5 Tips for a Cross Country Move

Moving is never easy, but it can be particularly daunting if you’re relocating across the country. In fact, the only moves that are more challenging than those that traverse the country tend to involve a passport and a different language. Don’t let a move of this scope turn your life upside down! Follow these tips to make your moving process smoother. 1. Plan Early Cross-country moves generally aren’t the result of spur of the moment decisions. Regardless of the purpose of the move, there’s a good chance that you had an idea it might be coming for weeks beforehand. Use […..]

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The Top 10 Places To Live In America

The Top 10 Places to Live in America

Are you looking for greener pastures? You’re not alone. According to the United States Census Bureau, an estimated 12,767,000 people moved to a new county, state or country between 2012 and 2013. The destinations of the nearly 13 million on the move varied, often determined by factors such as family needs and employment opportunities. But no doubt, there were many like you, looking for the best places to call home. We’ve got you covered. Here are the top 10 places to live in America. (Note: These rankings are grouped by metro area, with data coming from Forbes and Livability). 1. […..]

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