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College Dorm Move


    Welcome aboard you are now the new kid on campus especially if you’re a freshman and living on campus. So long are the days of being in high school and onto the new adventures that are waiting for you. Here are some helpful tips for your move to your campus this advice can be for freshmen, transfer, international or even upperclassman students living in the dorms. The Myth First thing first, let’s clear up the myth that so many hopefuls come to college for….Parties. It might depend on which school you go too; some might have parties more […..]

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Moving in with a Roommate

Are you soon to be moving in with a roommate or at least thinking about it? Well here are some helpful tips about moving in with a roommate. Finding the Perfect Roommate Are you a person who likes to share space? If not, then this blog is not for you. A roommate probably isn’t either. Roommates can be a good way to save money, splitting the cost etc. A perfect roommate can be a friend! You guys get a long pretty well and they’re also not some stranger off the street. But be aware that living situations with a friend […..]

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Common Things People Forget to Do Before a Move

Common things People Forget to Do Before A Move

  When you’re about to move it is easy to forget to handle certain things when it comes to your new home that you must do for your old home. Here is a list of common things people forget to do before a move. Change Address- Make sure you change your address a few weeks before you move into your new home. You can do this by filling out the online form at the U.S. Postal Office’s website. Do not do this last minute! Car Insurance- Contact your car insurance and inform them about your move. Your rates might change […..]

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Moving in the Summer

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Summer is a popular time for vacations, cleaning, relaxing, outdoors/indoors, memories and of course MOVING! Between May through September, are the busy months for moving companies. Also between those months is when customers like to move as well. Here are some tips about moving in the summer. Cost Summer is a busy season for moving companies. If you are going to move in this summer and also plan on getting a moving company to help with your move, better get it on ASAP. The days you want especially the beginning and the end of the month are booked up fast […..]

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Garrett’s Movers Dallas Expands Fleet to Serve More Clients

movers dallas

Garrett’s Movers Dallas recently purchased three new cabs and two new trailers so that we’d be able to serve more clients moving to and from Dallas and beyond!  Working with Garrett’s Movers Dallas gives you the advantage of working with an independent, family-owned company, and the size and longevity for you to be assured that we’re be around after your move is completed. Garrett’s Moving & Storage was founded by Garrett Ware in 1992, and he was later joined in business by his son, Brandon.   They have assembled a team of drivers, packers and movers that have substantial experience. […..]

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