Common Things People Forget to Do Before a Move

Common things People Forget to Do Before A Move


When you’re about to move it is easy to forget to handle certain things when it comes to your new home that you must do for your old home. Here is a list of common things people forget to do before a move.

  • Change Address-

Make sure you change your address a few weeks before you move into your new home. You can do this by filling out the online form at the U.S. Postal Office’s website. Do not do this last minute!

  • Car Insurance-

Contact your car insurance and inform them about your move. Your rates might change by your move. Also, your car insurance card needs to be updated with your new address.

  • Recurring Charges-

Any subscriptions to clubs or gym memberships cancel them. If you do have a gym membership you can see if you can transfer your membership to their facility that’s closer to your new home. Rather you cancel or transfer your membership with your gym they tend to like a 30-day notice. So make sure you contact them a month before your move, if you are moving further away from the facility.

  • 24 Hour Box-

Have a box packed with stuff that you’ll need immediately once you move into your new home. Pack this box with all your essentials and hygiene products. Make sure when you pack it into your moving vehicle that you can get to it easily.


  • Take Pictures-

Take pictures before you move of how you set up electronics or any thing that has to be broken apart. This way when you do get ready to unload at your new home and need hook things back together again, you’ll have something to reference back too. Another reason to take pictures before you move; if you are renting you can take pictures of how you cleaned out the apartment. It is also good to take pictures when you move into a new place if you are renting, before you start moving your own things. The reason for this is so you have something to back you up if you are trying to retrieve your deposit back.


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