Be Kind to Your Movers…Feed Them!

The idea of moving your home may sound exhausting, but movers do it every single day. While not required by any means, you may ask yourself, “Do you feed your movers?”  Treating your movers to some refreshments is sure to brighten their day and put a smile on their face. Here’s how to give your movers some extra love.

The movers are here!
Movers in Action

Jesse Scott/Flickr

Ready to take this mess…

Moving Items

John Benson/Flickr

 …and somehow get it to fit perfectly inside this truck.

Moving Truck

Matthew W. Jackson/Flickr

When you think about it, your movers are kind of like Supermen.


 Joseph Novak/Flickr

But movers are just human like the rest of us. And humans get tired…

Mover In Truck

Eric Schmuttenmaer/Flickr

…and when humans get tired, they get hungry.

Dogs Waiting For Treat

Dean Wissing/Flickr

Do You Feed Your Movers?  Yes, please do!

Assorted Food

epSos. De/Flickr

With snacks.

Candy In Machine


And sandwiches for lunch.


Matthew Mendoza/Flickr

Maybe some fried chicken would suit their fancy?

Fried Chicken

Mike DelGaudio/Flickr

A tray of freshly baked cupcakes?


Andy/Andrew Fogg/Flickr

And of course, bottled water for all that hard work.

Dog Drinking Water


Your movers will thank you!

Movers Sitting on Truck

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When moving day comes, there will be a lot to consider, and a lot of work to do.  Consider adding some of the ideas from this page to your to do list, and when you consider the question of “Do you feed your movers?” the easiest answer might be to order a few pizzas and sodas from the local pizzeria.  There are very few movers who don’t enjoy a piece of pizza or two, and if one of those oddballs is in your moving crew, they’ll have to buy their own lunch!

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