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Best local movers Eco-friendly moving tips - Garrett's Moving Inc.

The best local movers care about the environment. With the average American moving 11.4 times in their life, small changes can make a big difference. An Eco-friendly move is more than just recycling boxes. From packing materials to how you load the truck, there are many ways to help reduce your environmental impact. Whether it’s your first move or your 10th!

Get Creative with Containers:

There are several ways to be greener when it comes to what you pack your belongings in. We know it’s hard to avoid using cardboard boxes all together. However, here are a few ways the best local movers suggest you get creative:

Save boxes throughout the year

An easy way to avoid buying or borrowing boxes, is to save the ones you already have. Most Americans have a stack of amazon packages on their doorstep that can serve double duty when it comes to moving. Not to mention the boxes that household items come in when purchased locally. If you know there is a move coming up, make sure to save these extra boxes to pack in. Break them down and store them until the time comes to start packing!

Re-purpose containers you already have

The best local movers at Garrett’s recommend reusing the containers you already own. This way you don’t have to purchase or save as many cardboard boxes. Fill up your attic suitcases with items from your closet instead of taping together a new box. Clean out your trashcan and use it to transport the cleaning items under your sink. Filling the containers you already own helps greatly reduce the amount of cardboard needed for the move. Here are some examples of containers you can also use for moving:

  • Suitcases
  • Dresser drawers
  • Reusable grocery or shopping bags
  • Gym and sports duffel bags
  • Plastic storage bins

Eco-friendly packing materials

Most of the trash/waste that comes from moving is in the form of packing materials. Usually the materials you use to wrap up fragile items for safe travels are not easily recycled for several reasons. The best local movers at Garrett’s recommends trying these alternative packing supplies for a greener move:

Household items

Before you start purchasing rolls of bubble wrap, have you considered using what you already have? Items like clothes, comforters, and towels can be really useful when cutting down on conventional packing supplies. Plus you are going to have to move them anyways!

Eco-Friendly Options

  • Bubble Wrap Alternatives – There are paper-based products available that offer the safety your fragile items need. Greenwrap, paper shred, and corrugated bubble wrap are made from recycled materials. Check out EcoEnclose for more details.
  • Biodegradable Packing Peanuts – These modern-day peanuts are made of natural vegetable starches, and break down over time. Unlike their plastic cousins, they leave no toxic waste behind!

The bottom line is, your move doesn’t have to be so hard on the environment. The best local movers at Garrett’s are here to help! Try these tips and let us know what you think. Give us a call today for your free moving estimate.

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