5 Reasons Why It’s Best to Move in the Winter

When you think of winter, what do you think of? Snow? Hot chocolate? Holiday cheer? Cold weather, maybe?

We’re relatively sure that moving isn’t high on the list of winter thoughts. After all, winter is often the time when families circle the wagons and gather at their current homes for a variety of reasons (such as holidays, Super Bowl watch parties and warmth), rather than break out for a new one. Fewer companies tend to hire new employees in the early winter as well, so the demand for job-related moves is pretty low.

But it’s time to break traditional conventions when it comes to moving. In fact, winter can actually be the best time to move.

Here are five reasons why you should move in the winter.

Open Planner

Many moving companies’ calendars will look like this in the winter months. (Image courtesy: Anton Diaz/flickr)

1. Availability.

There are few situations more frustrating than waiting a month or more to move, simply because the movers you hired are booked solid for weeks on end.

This situation happens quite a lot in the summer, but it won’t be nearly as much of an issue during the winter months. The wintertime is typically the slow season for movers, so they’ll likely be able to work around your schedule.

Better yet, moving company representatives unburdened by overwhelming summertime demand will be able to cater to your needs effectively. Dealing with moving professionals who aren’t frazzled can help improve your experience during your move.


If you move during the winter, you’re more likely to work with experienced movers. (Image courtesy: Aidan Jones/flickr)

2. Trust.

Can you trust the movers who come to your home? The answer should always be yes, but sometimes it isn’t that cut and dry.

In the spring and summer, many overloaded moving companies will bring on additional movers to help deal with the higher demand those seasons bring. Even those companies that aren’t overbooked might hire on extra workers in anticipation of extra business.

Many of these seasonal employees are seasonal for a reason. They could have little experience moving, or a shady past. They could also be college students on break from regular classes.

None of these possibilities are particularly appealing to homeowners preparing to trust these individuals with their most prized possessions. In fact, the prospect of dealing with inexperienced movers could cause people who are moving to load up on Nauzene.

In the wintertime, though, these issues are less likely to come up. With much lower demand for movers, only the best movers will be retained. This, in itself, can make winter a more trustworthy time to move.

Mountain Scenery

Traffic tends to be much lighter in the winter than it is in the summer. (Image courtesy: Daniel A D’Auria MD/flickr)

3. Open Roads.

Nothing can frustrate people that are moving more than heavy traffic delaying the process. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, your movers will likely have to drive on busy roads that can get easily backed up during the summer months. This traffic can drive up your moving costs and stress levels.

Fortunately, the roads tend to be less busy during the winter months. Not only are fewer moving trucks clogging up the roads, but there are also fewer long-haul truckers and vacationers turning the interstate into a parking lot.

Of course, there are exceptions to this pattern — particularly during the holiday season. But for the most part, you’ll save time and money on the road if you move during the winter.


Moving companies that offer discounts will most likely offer them in the winter. (Image courtesy: 401K/flickr)

4. Cost.

This factor can vary depending on the mover. Some moving companies will keep their rates consistent throughout the year. But those that offer moving discounts will most likely serve them up in the winter, when demand is lowest. Check with your mover to determine how much you might save from moving in the winter.

Solar Heat

This sight is a lot less daunting if you’re moving in the winter than it is if you’re moving in the summer. (Image courtesy: Tony Hall/flickr)

5. Energy.

Moving can be an exhausting process. Even if you aren’t doing the heavy lifting onto and off of moving trucks, packing and unpacking all of your possessions can take a lot out of you. If you’re preparing to move during the heat of summer, you’ll likely sweat quite a bit during the packing process as well — even if you have the air conditioning cranked up in your home.

If you move when the weather is colder, though, you likely won’t feel like you’ll need to jump in the pool with your clothes on when everything’s done. (Not that there’s anything wrong with doing that.) Plus, your movers won’t be drained by the oppressive summer heat and humidity; this means they can work much more efficiently to transport your possessions.

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