Why You Should Get Mover’s Insurance

Mover's Insurance

You are going over the costs of how much it will be to move, getting several estimates from other movers. But once you find a mover or while you look for one, you might have to consider getting mover’s insurance or why you should get mover’s insurance.

60 cents on the Pound- Mover’s Liability

 You’ve probably come across this on many movers’ websites and even heard it through the phone from them, assuming this is mover’s insurance. This is NOT INSURANCE this is VALUATION that the movers are require to have for liability. Valuation coverage is standard coverage that movers are required to have. The 60 cents on the pound is standard valuation coverage also known as the released value. What this means is the mover is responsible for no more than 60 cents per pound per item. For example, if you have a glass coffee table that was worth $700 dollars and only weighs 40 lbs. They will only have to pay you $24, (0.60 x 40) if it gets damaged during the move.

Mover’s Insurance

Some movers may offer or direct you to a transit insurance which covers lost or damaged items. You can also purchase this policy from a separate insurance company of your own liking. If you do decide to go with the insurance your mover’s offer they are required to give you a copy of the policy and any other appropriate of evidence that insurance was purchased. Also, if you go with the mover’s insurance make sure the insurance policy benefits to you as well not just them. Some insurance companies make you pay for your full coverage upfront.


If you have any disputes against the mover rather its charges, loss, or damages to your belongings. You have to file a written claim with the mover within 90 days of the delivery date. Provide all the information that is needed so that the mover can fully investigate your claim. A mover has 20 days to respond to your claim and has 90 days to pay or deny or at least make a settlement offer.

If you not place a claim with your mover within 90 days of your delivery date, your claim will be denied.

It is true getting mover’s insurance will cost you more for your move, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can also check to see if the insurance you already have rather its home or car insurance, to see if they offer mover’s insurance. Sometimes insurance can offer a bundle deal along with the other policies you may have with them. To get more information on your rights and how to prepare yourself for your move, visit our Help Center page.

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