4 Things To Do Two Months Before You Move

Almost all of us underestimate how much time it takes to get ready for a move, putting it off until a week or two before the big day. Of course, there are so many little things involved in moving that we often forget, resulting in much stress (and caffeine!) as moving day nears. This series of blog posts will talk about all the little things that need to get done before moving, counting down from 2 months before the move until the big day itself.

1. Start Collecting Boxes

Chances are you will need alot of boxes. If you wait too late to get them, you are probably going to end up spending alot of money buying them. Fortunately, if you start early, you’ll be able to get your boxes for free. Try asking friends and family if they have any extra boxes to give. Local businesses often have extra boxes to spare. Your best bet may be the Craig’s List free board, where you can find people giving away free boxes nearly every day.

2. Begin packing non-essential items

Once you’ve finished #1, you can start packing. Packing 2 months before? Are you serious? It may seem a bit early, but if you can do as much as possible beforehand, you’ll save yourself alot of stress as moving day approaches. Some things you can pack this early include out-of-season clothing, decorations, and anything else you can think of that you probably won’t use in the next 2 months. Which leads us to….

3. Give away things you don’t need

As mentioned in our last blog, moving is an opportunity to clean house and get rid of the stuff you don’t really need. Make sure to do this early, so you’ll have time to go through everything (you’ll be surprised by how much stuff you really have!) A general rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in a year, you may want to consider donating it to Goodwill or selling it on Ebay.

4. Choose a mover

Researching movers and choosing a Dallas moving company is not something you should put off. There are alot of Dallas moving companies, and some of them are not so reputable, so it is important you don’t just go with the first company in the phone book. Garrett’s Moving and Storage has been helping families and businesses in moving to Dallas since 1992. When it comes to moving and storage in Dallas, we are the only company that has maintained an A+ Better Business Bureau rating for the past 20 years. With Garrett’s Moving and Storage you can have peace of mind in knowing your possessions are in good hands.

Keep a lookout for our next blog from the premier Moving and Storage Dallas company, which will be discussing what you need to do 1 month before moving to Dallas.

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