Dallas Self Storage Expedition

Dallas Self Storage Expedition

Last weekend my wife and I made a trip to our Dallas self storage unit. She was in search of a hot glue gun and other craft materials. She is a teacher, and has spent hours upon hours on Pinterest, but our one bedroom apartment doesn’t have the storage to accommodate all of her craft materials.We drove to Dallas and expected our expedition to consist of 10 minutes deciding what she wanted to take and what she wanted to leave. That was not the case.

We arrived Sunday afternoon as the temperature was reaching upwards of 90 degrees. Unfortunately, we did not rent a climate controlled unit because we simply didn’t know any better. (If we met Garrett sooner, we would have known) The self storage unit had a thin layer of dust (if you use Garrett’s storage, all containers are closed with lids to avoid this). Bottom line, it was hot and dusty.

It quickly became apparent that we packed in haste. There were moving boxes that weren’t taped shut, trash bags full of unknowns, documents sticking out of unmarked boxes, but the worst was that ALL of the moving boxes were missing labels on the sides. Literally, I had to scale 6-7 ft worth of boxes because we didn’t know what was in them without looking at the top. Our storage unit has roughly 50 boxes inside, and we were looking for ONE BOX. I went through magazine and book collections, dishwares, blankets, past school documents, insurance paperwork and anything else you could imagine.

We spent more than an hour at our storage unit looking for a singular box. MARK THE SIDES OF YOUR BOXES and your spouse will be extremely grateful!

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