The Do Not Pack List

Moving and Storage Dallas-What Not to Pack

During the move, one of the first questions we’re asked is, “are there things I cannot or should not pack?” This is a very reasonable question with a whole host of answers.

What Not to Pack

We’ll start with the obvious.

  • Jewelry: Don’t bundle Nana’s jewels with your toiletries. Small items like jewelry and coin collections should not be moved with the rest of the items from your home. They should be moved by you, the homeowner, and kept with you during the entire move. No matter how trustworthy a company is, it’s always a good idea to keep your valuable nearby.
  • Guns: Yeah, it makes sense. Regardless of the size and scope of your weapon and ammo, pack separately.
  • Leftovers: Alright, the lasagna from Wednesday was great, but it’s Saturday. It’s Texas. It’s hot. Don’t expect your mover to bring a cooler and ice to pack your perishable goods. Make sure you pre-plan and purchase a nice cooler like this Yeti Tundra 75. There won’t be a need to restock your kitchen if you plan accordingly.
  • Animals: Keep your pooch safe and sound by pre-planning and picking up a pet carrier for your car. One of these carriers will allow Fido to ride comfortably for his cross town or cross country trek. No need to poke holes in a box.
  • Your Wallet: I know it’s obvious, but just make sure to keep your wallet, phone and keys handy. Don’t let them fall in a box, or misplace them during a move.

Keep checking our blog for updates to our DO NOT PACK LIST from the premier Moving and Storage Dallas Company

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