Moving Back in with Your Parents

Moving Back With Parents

Rather you just graduated from college, going through a divorce, lost your job, whatever the case might be moving back in with your parents can be a hard pill to swallow. Recent studies have shown due to the economy recent college grads, 20-30 somethings are returning back home. Here are some tips about moving back in with your parents.



moving back in with your parents

Before you move back in make sure you discuss the expectations your parents have for you. Moving back in with your parents is a different transition then bunking it with a friend. It’s their house and their rules, and you’re their child (a full grown adult-child). Here are some topics you guys should discuss.

  • Time Frame: Do they have a time frame of when you should move out? If you lost your job do they have an expected (realistic) time frame of you trying to gain employment?
  • Curfew: Is there a curfew of when they want you home or how late you can stay out. This might be a real difficult one, since living on your own you had no one to report too and go as you please. But it’s good to know what your parents rules are about being out so late, if they care or if they don’t.
  • Contribute: Are your parents expecting rent from you (if so draw up a lease), or some type of contribute to the house? That could be fixing things around the house, buying groceries, walking the dog…etc.


moving back in with your parents

This can be a tricky subject. You and your parents can easily slip back into your old ways, where you are their young child all over again.  Privacy should be talked about not just for you and also for them. What are the boundaries on both ends for everyone in the house? You must respect their privacy as they should do yours. But that may not be easily done.


Moving Back in with Your Parents – Be Their Guest

Guest (Blog16)

Treat their home as a respectful guest would do to their hostess. This can also be another way to avoid the old habits when you used to live there when you were younger. But as humans, we can still revert back to our ways especially being in a familiar setting. This goes back to the statements mentioned above about discussing privacy and expectations with your parents. When you invite your own guest over make sure it’s okay with your parents to have them over and how long they can stay.


Moving Out

moving back in with your parents

Usually the end result of moving back in with your parents is that you will eventually move back out. If you’re used to your own independence, your main focus will be that this will not be a permanent but temporary solution.


All these steps may or may not help you moving back in with your parents. This all depends on the dynamic of your relationship with them, yours and their personalities. If you feel as though moving back in with your parents may not be the best solution for you, then you might have to keep looking for other living arrangements. But rather you are moving back in with your parents, friends, distant relative etc. some of these guidelines might make the transition a little easier.

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