Moving Boxes Explained

Moving is always easier when you have the right supplies, especially when it comes to moving boxes. Getting the right types of moving boxes for your belongings can be frustrating if you don’t know what is available. The first step is taking a quick inventory of the things you have to pack. Then refer to the list below to see how many of each type of box you will need for your big move! Check out this free moving calculator to see how many moving boxes you may need.

Small Box

Otherwise known as a book box, these small boxes are great for heavier items like books! Small moving boxes are typically 1.5 cubic feet. They are great for storing items like canned goods, small appliances, shoes, and records.

Medium Box

Medium Moving boxes are usually the most “all-purpose” boxes you can find. They normally hold 3 cubic feet of space, making it easy to fill them with almost anything.

Large Box

The larger the box, the less heavy you want it to be. That is why larger moving boxes with 4.5 cubic feet of space are really best for lighter items. No one wants to strain their back by picking up a large box that was packed much heavier than it should have been.

Dish Packs

Opening a box and finding broken dishes or glasses may be the most disappointing mistake of a move. Dish packs help prevent broken items by carefully separating your fragile items for travel. Packing these items so they are tightly secured greatly reduced the risk that they will jostle or break during transit. There are many different types of dish pack moving boxes out there. So, make sure you choose the right kind for your dishes!

Mattress Moving Boxes

These types of boxes are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are buying expensive mattresses. When you have spent possibly thousands of dollars to get the best night’s sleep, making sure that mattress stays pristine during a move becomes very important! These types of moving boxes come in all shapes and sizes to fit your special twin, full, queen or king mattress.

Wardrobe Boxes

While packing up your current home might seem like a chore, have you thought about the unpacking process? Something that can help make this easier for you and your family is storing clothes in wardrobe boxes. These types of boxes are great because they allow you to keep your clothes on hangers during the move. That way all you have to do is open the box and hang up your clothes in their new closet! No wrinkles, no rewashing, and the boxes are specially constructed to handle the extra weight of clothes hangers. Whether you have a large number of clothes or a more modest wardrobe, these boxes make life a little easier.

From large moves to small ones, Garrett’s Moving is here to help with all your moving boxes needs! Give us a call today for your free moving estimate.

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