Do Movers Move in the Rain?

Unless you reside in the desert, there’s a chance that a rainstorm may show up as an unwanted guest which means you’ll be moving in the rain.

Moving in the Rain

The good news first: Nearly all movers, including Garrett’s, will pull up to your home on the day of your move, rain or shine.

Now for the bad news: The rain can still cause some issues for your moving crew, so you’ll need to take some measures on your end to make a rainy move safer and easier for everyone involved.

Watch the Weather

Weather Forecast

The Weather Channel should be your best friend in the week before your move. Keeping track of forecasts and knowing that bad weather may be coming will allow you to prepare your belongings accordingly. It may also be a good idea to call your moving company and discuss any possible delays on their part. Communication is key!

Cover Your Belongings

It goes without saying that you’ll need to take some extra steps to prevent your belongings from getting soaked when moving in the rain.

Boxes: Rain is not kind to cardboard; boxes will quickly become soggy and begin to break down. To protect them, wrap them in heavy plastic and tape them securely. We do not recommend using moving blankets, as they are not waterproof.

Furniture: Shrink wrapping your furniture items is the best way to keep them dry during a rainy move. Some movers, including Garrett’s, will pad and shrink wrap your furniture as part of your move without an extra charge.

Wooden Furniture and Appliances: These are the two items that are most venerable to rain damage. It is important to double- and triple-check that these items are completely protected from moisture, or significant damage could occur.

On Moving Day

If moving day comes and there’s not a cloud in the sky, breathe a sigh of relief. Otherwise, you’ll want to take a couple of steps to make your home easier and safer for your moving crew to go back and forth when moving in the rain.

To keep the floors dry and protect your movers from slips, get a surface or carpet shield for your movers to walk on. You can find several brands of shields on Amazon.

Surface Shields

Surface shields will make moving back and forth much safer for your movers. (Image Courtesy: chadmagiera/Flickr)

In addition, be sure that your driveway is set up so the moving truck can pull up as close to your home as possible. This means relocating vehicles and other large items if necessary. If you live in an apartment complex, be sure to talk with your apartment manager and arrange to have a convenient location for the moving truck to park.

Garrett’s Moving and Storage performs both local and long distance moves nationwide. For a completely free and accurate moving consultation, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 972.487-5843. We’ll get back in touch with you within 24-48 hours.

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