Moving in the Summer

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Summer is a popular time for vacations, cleaning, relaxing, outdoors/indoors, memories and of course MOVING! Between May through September, are the busy months for moving companies. Also between those months is when customers like to move as well. Here are some tips about moving in the summer.


moving in the summer

Summer is a busy season for moving companies. If you are going to move in this summer and also plan on getting a moving company to help with your move, better get it on ASAP. The days you want especially the beginning and the end of the month are booked up fast for moving companies. Because it is summer, the cost to move may/will go up. It’s more expensive to move in the summer than any other season of the year, due to its high demand.



moving in the summer

 If you live in Texas or even visited the Big T during the summer you may had experience the wonderful loving heat. The good thing about moving in the summer is that you do not have deal with inclement weather. It will either be a drought or rain that can slow down your move. But at least you do not have to worry about ice or snow on the streets. Make sure you and your movers stay hydrated before, during and after your move. Carrying heavy boxes/furniture in the heat can put a strain on your body, so if you need to take break please do.


Your Belongings

moving in the summer

While moving make sure your belongings do not get damaged due to the heat. Try not to have your things sit outside for too long or sitting in the truck. Some things might fade, melt or soften. So any heat sensitive items you might own make sure you either deliver them first where they can still cool and not damaged.


Sketchy Movers

Moving in the summer

 As stated before moving in the summer is busy season for moving companies. It’s also a busy season for those scamming moving companies as well. Make sure you collect, compare, and ask questions before you sign you your name on the dotted line with a moving company. Read our previous blog about moving scams.


Tight Schedules

moving in the summer

 As mentioned earlier, it’s a busy season for moving companies. Remember kids are out for the summer, college students and also military personnel are moving as well. Also, summer is busy season for real estate. So do not get stuck in-between a rock when you try to schedule your move last minute. Also make sure the mover you do choose, does not overbook themselves. You can do this when you it gets closer to your moving day. Sometimes, some moving companies will overbook themselves and have no one come to your home.


Moving in the Summer- Stay Cool

moving in the summer

 PLEASE STAY COOL!! Make sure you and your movers stay cool while moving in the summer. Make sure to have bottles of water to offer for everyone. You may also want to keep around dingy hand/head towels to wipe off sweat. Also, make sure you wear comfortable shoes and attire as well.

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