Moving in with a Roommate

with a roommate

Are you soon to be moving in with a roommate or at least thinking about it? Well here are some helpful tips about moving in with a roommate.

Finding the Perfect Roommate

with a roommate

Are you a person who likes to share space? If not, then this blog is not for you. A roommate probably isn’t either.

Roommates can be a good way to save money, splitting the cost etc. A perfect roommate can be a friend! You guys get a long pretty well and they’re also not some stranger off the street. But be aware that living situations with a friend as a roommate can either build your relationship or tear it down.

If you don’t want to use a friend, relative or your significant other as a roommate. There are many roommate matching websites you can find. A lot of social networks that are available online to post an ad to find a roommate suitable for you.

One of the top roommates finder websites is Easy Roommate. Within their website you can find a room,  offer one of your rooms and/or find a roommate. They also have 24/7 expert advice to help you along the way!

If you want to post an ad online or in a newspaper; WikiHow has some quick short tips.

  1. Solicit description of yourself from third parties.
  2. Offer objective information.
  3. Describe your personality.
  4. Include a description of the type of person you are looking for.
  5. Be brief.

When you are looking for a roommate please use your better judgement!

Financial Planning

with a roommate

Cutting costs

Before you settle in with a roommate make sure you discuss the expenses and place of employment (income). Are you guys going to split the cost 50/50? Will you alternate on certain bills? Will it solely be you pay your half and electric while your roommate pays their half and water? Will you be obtaining renters insurance?


To help out writing out who will pay what SplitWise  is a great tool to guide out the expenses and budget. They have different calculators for different living expenses! They also have “IOUS,” as a feature to show when roommates owe each other.

. If you do agree on something MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT IN WRITING!!! You’ll never know if things might go sour and you might have to back yourself up in the long run. At the LawDepot has a template you can use if you need guidance on your roommate agreement, you may also edit it to fit your needs.



with a roommate

We’ve all been there you were thinking about last night’s lasagna and rushed down the highway to get home to finish it off. But only to be crushed when you opened the fridge and realized someone had ate your food. Despite that you put a sticky note on the container claiming it was yours. All to see the container in the sink and the sticky note in the trash.

Groceries and meals is something major you need to talk about. Are you going to share everything or every man for themselves? Will someone buy groceries one month then you the next, or buy as things run out? Pangeare has good suggestion tips on how to handle grocery expenses. But if you and your roommate have completely different taste in food, it might be best to buy your own groceries.



with a roommate

Just like money and groceries another thing that has to be discussed is cleaning. Are you a neat freak or is your roommate? Sometimes you won’t truly know how someone’s cleaning/hygiene habits are until you are living with them. Apartment Therapy suggest that if possible to set chores for each roommate. You can alternate each week or month. They also mention to make sure each roommate is held accountable for their chore they are assigned too. Once, cleaning/chores are assigned you can put the tasks on a calendar/chart to keep up with duties for your home.

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