Moving PODS: Why They May Not Be Such a Good Idea

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The big excitement in moving over the past couple of years is the use of moving PODS or portable moving containers. It seems like every company is coming up with their own version of one, and while this might be a good option for some people, it isn’t for everyone, and we would like to tell you why.

You Have to Do the Moving

Moving companies give you the opportunity to hire them to pack and move all of your items for you. You will save a lot of time, stress, and labor by allowing them to do it all for you.

With moving PODS you may have more time to pack, but you have to do all of the work yourself. You can hire your own people to do the packing and moving for you, but this usually leads to more organization and hassle for you.

Seniors or disabled people often can’t perform the labor of moving themselves, and would need to use a different option, because most locations of moving PODS do not have packing and moving teams.

There Are Extra Storage, Delivery, & Pick Up Fees

Moving PODS can cost a lot of money. From the delivery fee when they drop it off in the first place, to the very end when they deliver at your new home, there are numerous fees involved.

You pay for every month you have the container, for pick up and transportation of your POD, then storage of your POD if you need it stored with the company, usage fees when you have it back in your possession, and delivery to your final destination from the POD center.

Even the shortest of moves can cost thousands of dollars with Moving PODs when all is said and done, and you still have to do all of the work of packing your items and the container.

Delivery Takes A Lot Longer

The benefit of a moving company is that they are usually a faster way of getting your belongings without having to use a rental truck yourself. When you use a POD, the timing to get your item is much longer. A POD can take several weeks to show up in your new area, because it moves with several other moving PODS.

Sometimes it can take 4-6 weeks depending on when you move, and where you end up. Pick up can take 1-2 weeks when you are having it picked up. For many living without their belongings is too long, what will you sit on, what will you sleep on? These are all good questions to consider when your items will take a long time to show up.

Depending on your move, your circumstances, and how much time and money you have, moving PODS may be a great idea for you. Our experience is that they cost more, and are less convenient for movers who need less stress, headache, and manual labor. We are happy to answer any questions you have about PODS, and how the idea of using them compares to using a moving company. Give us a call anytime, we look forward to it.

Garrett’s Moving and Storage has 20 years of experience in moving and storage in Dallas and across the country, and we are BBB accredited so you know your belongings will be in good hands. We also have a best-in-the-industry extended coverage policy. Contact us today at 972-487-5843 for a free estimate or click here to request a quote online from the leading Dallas moving company.




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