5 Things to Do One Week Before You Move

Excitement is in the air. You’ve been packing for what feels like years. The house is stuffed to the brim with moving boxes. Moving day is upon us! You are approaching the finish line, so make sure to get these last few things done the week of the move to ensure a smooth moving day.

1. Clean Out The Fridge

Cleaning Out The Fridge

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The last thing you want is for it to be moving day and have a fridge full of uneaten food. A week or two before the move, try not to buy too many groceries and focus on eating the stuff you have. You might also want to get some disposable silverware and pack the silverware early. If there is food you want to bring, buy a cooler such as this Yeti from Backwoods in Fort Worth so it will make it to your new home without turning into mush (this is summer in Texas after all). However, bringing liquids of any kind is NOT recommended.

2. Prepare a “24-Hour Box”

Moving day is going to be tiring, so you probably won’t feel like digging through all your boxes that night. Pack a box or two with the essentials you’ll need for the first couple of days until you get settled in. You also want to keep some moving supplies on hand just in case. Take this box in the car with you for easy access. Some things to include in this box are

a. Scissors, tape, packing supplies

b. Disposable silverware and paper towels

c. Dish soap and trash bags

e. Toiletries

f. Prescriptions and pain relievers

g. Flashlight, lightbulbs, hammers

h. Phonebooks, pencils and paper

3. If it can flame, throw it away.

Flammables, aerosols, bleach, corrosives, ammunition, or plastic spray bottles should NOT go on the moving truck. If you don’t want to take them with you in the car, throw them out.

4. Disassemble Furniture

Make sure all furniture that needs disassembled gets taken apart so the movers can wrap it and get it in the truck more efficienty. This includes things such as mirrors taken of dressers, headboards unbolted, and washers and dryers disconnected. This will save both you and the mover time on moving day.

5. Confirm Arrangement With Your Mover

Call your mover to confirm their arrival time. You may also want to discuss where the movers will be parking so you will have your driveway all ready for the movers to pull up.

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