Moving With Children

Moving With Children (Blog 6)

Moving can be a stressful as it is but mixing it with children can put the move into overdrive. Especially moving with children who already have established relationships with friends and people around the neighborhood. These tips may not change your child(ren)’s mind about having to move but help them ease into it.

 Moving with Children? Discuss the move with them!

Family Meeting (Blog 6)

Rather you call them in the living room, during dinner or make it somewhat a fun night. It’s best not to spring up such information randomly especially moving with children who are pre-teens and up. There are some exceptions in certain situations that could be understandable if it is a last minute move. But if you know you have time before the move then discuss it with your children. If possible or necessary explain why you are moving, mom/dad got a new job offer, we need something bigger/smaller, etc. You don’t have to tell every detail but your children will ask questions why they are leaving their friends behind.

Get the Kids Involved

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Have the children be part of the process of moving or finding a new home, if possible. Have them come along visiting different homes; children are known to be brutality honest. If they cannot join you, show them pictures from your phone, online, or even a virtual tour. Take into consideration their thoughts and opinions when it comes to your decision. But also figure out what is best for you and your family.

Research the Neighborhood

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Find out if the neighborhoods you are visiting are kid friendly. What are some community organizations that they have for children? Also research the schools’ website and even visit the schools to get a feel of it for your children. You can also use the new findings you found to help get the children excited about the move.


Sale (Blog 6)

Once, you have found a place you want to move too this could be the perfect time to clean house! You can start a garage sale or moving sale to get rid of things you may not want to take to your new home. This is also a good way to have the children involved as well; you can give them little duties to do while the sale is going on. They can help finding things to sale, pricing and collect inventory. You can also have them donate things as well to shelters or to other friends/family that might need things you may not use anymore.  This is another way to help them feel that they are part of the process.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected (Blog 6)

In today’s world there is no excuse that people cannot stay connected. You can remind your children that social media will help them to stay connected with their old friends. But to also remind them that they will not have any issues with making new ones as well. They can talk to their old friends from your profile (especially if they are young kids through preteens) or their own profiles (while you monitor it). Moving with children can be hectic but also can bring enjoyable memories!

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