Moving Your Pool Table Long Distance

Having a pool table in your home sounds like a great idea, but it’s also somewhat of a luxury. It implies you have space to spare if you are able to fit an eight-foot table in your game room or living room. It also means you are passionate about pool, as no one who feels lukewarm about it would buy one. Finally, as it’s not the cheapest thing in the world, it’s not a purchase you want to make multiple times. Taking this all into account: how do you take care of this prized belonging of yours if you are planning a move? Whether you decide to hire a moving company or you are planning a self-move, here is how you’ll know how to move a pool table the right way.

Moving a pool table? Here’s what you need to know…

While you prepare for your upcoming long distance relocation, make sure you consider hiring a moving company that offers pool table moving services. We don’t need to tell you that your pool table is probably one of the heaviest and bulkiest items you own, if not the heaviest and bulkiest. In order to move your pool table, you will need to disassemble it into as many pieces as possible. You will also need help, whether your friends or professional movers, to carry the heavy pieces that do not come apart. Once you’ve moved your pool table, you will then have to assemble it again. Not only does moving a pool table require tools and manpower, but you will also need to be organized, patient and handy when it comes to getting larger pieces through doorways and up and down stairs.

Moving a pool table long distance – the how-to

Many places online, like, will provide all kinds of moving tips. However, here you will find the specific step-to-step guide on moving your pool table long distance.

  1. It will be easier – with a little help from your friends

Before starting the disassembling process, make sure you’ve included your strongest friends or family members into your pool moving crew. Usually, four to six people will be enough to move a standard pool table. If any of your friends are good with tools or just generally of a more practical mind, use their talents for more than just doing the heavy lifting.

  1. A visit to the tool shed

You can’t get started on moving unless you’ve made sure you have all of the necessary tools. Some of the basic tools and materials you’ll need to move your pool table are:

  • a power drill
  • Flathead screwdrivers
  • a socket wrench
  • a staple puller
  • safety goggles for everyone involved
  • re-sealable plastic bags for safekeeping the screws and all other bits and pieces
  • blankets and other protective materials for moving

While going through the disassembly process, make sure you are marking everything and setting things aside in the right piles with the right labels. This will make the re-assembly once you’ve moved much easier. Also be very careful with handling the larger parts of the table. Always put safety when moving first.

  1. The disassembly

The side pockets are the place to start disassembling your pool table. In order to do this, you will need to remove the staples or the screws. After this, you should look for bolts and unscrew these in order to remove the rails. In some cases, you will have to flip the rails over in order to unscrew them. Next, carefully remove the staples that hold the felt in place. This is often the part of the move when you will need nerves of steel. If you are keeping the felt and plan to reattach it, you need to be very careful while you do this. (If you plan on using a new felt, then you can just rip it off, obviously.)

The slate comes off next, but this is the part that you will need help with the most. The slate is arguably the heaviest part of any pool table, even if it’s not in one piece. Use your power drill to undo the screws and then have friends help you remove it. Then, detach the frame and carefully wrap all of the pieces in protective materials. Good packing skills are very important here. Obviously, you don’t want to damage any part of your table, but be particularly careful with the slate(s), as damaging that can pretty much ruin your whole table.

  1. Transportation

Taking into account the bulkiness of the pool table, chances are you are going to have to hire movers or at least rent a van or a truck in order to transport your pool table. Before loading it, you will need to get it out of the house. Before you embark on this adventure with your helpers, make sure you have everything you will need for the move. Another good idea would be to measure all doorways and staircases in order to gauge the complexity of the move. In some cases, this can be another tricky part of the move that might require professional help.

  1. Reassembly

Much like the rest of this experience, you can’t do this one alone either. If nothing got damaged and you labeled all of the pieces carefully, this process shouldn’t be too troublesome. However, if you have to do it all on your own, you might want to consider hiring someone to help you. Having professionals handle your pool table will take care of this part for you as well. (This kind of situation is why it can be more useful to hire movers.) The way to reassemble it is to do it upside down and then flip it over. Then, you add the slate which can prove to be tricky because you have to level it with the floor. You will need shims in order to do this.

Adding the felt back again can be time-consuming and tricky. You can use a rolling pin to even it out, but whatever you choose, make sure there are no air bubbles underneath the felt. After the felt, you are supposed to add the rails. While tightening the rails, be on the lookout for any wrinkles they might be making in the felt.

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