Moving Company Laws and Changes

Moving Company Laws and Changes

Chances are you have heard horror stories about moving long distances with shady moving companies that take advantage of consumers, who have no choice but to over pay for moving services.

For years these unethical companies have quoted consumers very low rates to relocate someone’s belongings, and then, at delivery, up the price astronomically, and demand payment before handing over the person’s property.To say the least, this practice has painted all moving companies as less trustworthy, and has made it difficult for honest companies to reassure new clients, and earn their business.

This practice is finally going to be regulated, and companies who use such practices will be heavily fined for holding consumer property hostage in such cases. Even though it will be against the law to use these practices, doesn’t mean you won’t ever run into a company that will make it difficult for you.

With that in mind, we want to offer some tips to make moving simpler, and to keep you from getting into situations like this.

  • Get References- Whenever you plan to spend a lot of money, it’s a good idea to get some recommendations, or references. So many consumers over look this but, with the help of the internet, there’s no reason not to get an in depth check of a company before you hire them. There are a few options to check for references.
  • Social Media- Ask your friends on Facebook or Twitter if they have any recommendations, chances are someone you know has moved before and used a company they like.
  • Google Places- Search for a company in your area here and you will also find recommendations.

It is usually best to actually know the person giving you the recommendation, but if one of their friends have experience that works, as well. From there move on to the other options.

  •  Choose Wisely- When you call around to check on prices, keep a list of each company’s information. You’ll want to check back to see what their price was, what was included, how long pick-up and delivery will take, and when payment is due. When you have a list of a few companies, you can compare them. Any that seem out of place, or are not comparable at all, will be a red flag, and should be investigated further.
  • Business Background Check- There are a few ways you can check to see if a company has any bad feedback from previous companies.

Search Google for company name scam, company name ripoff, or related keywords.

  1. Go to the Better Business Bureau and check
  2. Search for the company name on

Even though there is a new law coming into play to help keep consumers safe from shady moving companies, it is still the consumer’s job to make sure they do their due diligence, so please use these tips to keep yourself and your property safe.

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