Do Movers Pay for Property Damages – If I Do Not Own the Property?

Property Damages

Do Movers Pay for Property Damages – If I Do Not Own the Property?   It’s moving day and there’s a lot of chaos is going on in your home. You’re directing movers where to go, telling family to stay cleared, etc. Within the mist of all the madness going on your hear the infamous “Uh-Oh,” coming from the back of the house. You rush to the back of the house and long and behold the door frame of your master bedroom is damaged. Your initial reaction is to freak out about the damage. Then you ask yourself and the […..]

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Throwing a Housewarming Party

Housewarming Party Crowd (Blog 13)

Throwing a Housewarming Party   You’re settled in, everything is unpacked and in their rightful places. Now you’re ready to show off your new home and invite a few guests to come over. What better way to do that than a Housewarming party! Usually housewarming parties are thrown for first apartments, first house and/or starter homes. If you move every other month then this is not the blog post for you. If you do not move every other month then this is the blog post for you! Here is a guide list to throwing a housewarming party. The Invites How […..]

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Moving During the Holidays

Christmas Interior moving house with cardboard boxes

Moving During the Holidays Unfortunately, Santa is not bringing his sleigh or reindeer to help you with your move. You are Santa, your helpers/movers are the elves, and the moving truck parked outside is your reindeer and sleigh. Here are some tips on moving during the holidays. Moving with children during your holiday move? Make sure you read our blog about moving with children. Need a laugh? Also read our 17 Reasons Why You Should Move During the Holidays. As stated in our “Benefits of Moving in the Fall,” during the fall and winter are the slow days for moving […..]

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Benefits of Moving in the Fall

Fall, one of the great four seasons we experience throughout the year. Gold, red and brown are the main colors of the season. The air is cool and crisp, not too hot or not too cold. Here are the benefits of moving in the fall. Moving in the Fall is Cost-Effective Of course the summer and spring are the popular times to move. Children are out of school, the weather is nice and hot, beautiful blue skies etc. But since those two seasons are popular in demand for moves, the cost is more. Moving in the summer and spring you […..]

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Items Movers Will Not Move

Movers Will Not Move (Blog 9)

  This list may seem like common sense to you, but you’ll be surprised the request people have to move their items. Here’s a list of items movers will not move also an update from our previous post here.  Hazardous Items By law movers are not allowed to move any flammable, corrosive or explosive items. Some of these items on this list are common household items but not limited to. Items Movers Will Not Move: Gasoline/Kerosene Cleaning Supplies (Bleach, Ammonia, Pine Sol etc.) Aerosol Cans (Deodorant, Air Freshener, Hair Spray) Weapons and Ammunition Yard Equipment that contains fuel ( lawn mowers) Pesticides/Fertilizer/Weed […..]

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