Big City Move-Career Relocation

Big City 01 (Blog 5)

Your dreams are coming true, making that next relocation to a big city. Whether you are moving to start a career there, have a job lined up or just want to start new beginnings. Moving to a city or a town that is unfamiliar to you can be nerve wrecking and terrifying. It’s the unknown that people are fearful about. These tips may not take away those jitters all the way but may be able to simmer them down just a little. Relocation, Oh The Places You Will Go: Some people dreamed of the particular places they will move too, […..]

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Moving in Together – Newly Weds Next Step

Just Married 03 (Blog 4) Moving in together

Congratulations newlyweds! You have now been hitched and now here comes the next big step, moving in together. These tips should be helpful for you next big step. These tips can also be for newly engaged couples or couples who are just co-habiting as well. Where are you moving too? If you’re a newlywed hopefully this has already been figured out way before your big day. Are you moving into your significant other’s place, are they moving into your place or are the both of you moving a completely new place all together? If you are you moving into a […..]

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First Apartment Tips

Apartment (Blog 3)

So you’re finally out of your parents’ house and/or basement, maybe you decided to live off campus from school. Having your first apartment is exciting, a new stepping stone, and a lot of mistakes can happen with your first place. But it’s okay! You’re not alone there are others who made the same mistakes you had made which is why we have these tips for you! The Hunt for the First Apartment: So you did your web research. You went onto, and so forth. You read through the reviews of different places you consider moving into. Now you […..]

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Red FLAGS for Moving Scams

Psychic Mover Blog 2 moving scams

Looking for a moving company to help you move can be very hard and tedious.  It takes a lot of research and comparing to find the right movers for you. Here are some red flags for moving companies that can be potential sources for moving scams. Moving Scams: The Psychic Mover If a moving company gives you an estimate over the phone without ever setting foot into your home, they are more than likely trying to sell moving scams. These type of moving companies offer the “too good to be true,” estimates to attract potential customers. If a customer decides to […..]

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Top 3 Moving Tips for Your New Move

Moving into a new home can be exciting and exhausting!  You’re running around to make sure everything is packed neatly, double checking to make sure you have everything and that everything is transferred safely to your new home will make anyone pass out.  Here are some helpful moving tips that should give you a little ease with your move: Moving Tips: #1 Make A List: If you have up to 3 months before your big move, you should make a check list of your move. Rather that’s making a list which room you’re going to pack up first, to which […..]

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