5 Quick Ways To Organize Your Holiday Gifts

Organize Your Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is an incredibly busy time of year. Between the shopping, the gift-wrapping, the cooking and the decorating, you’re most likely short on time and long on things to do. And the holiday rush can lead to disorganization, which can cause a big mess with all those gifts you’re buying. Want to make sure that Cousin Tim doesn’t end up with Aunt Tina’s gift? Follow these 5 handy tips. 1. Give yourself time. Buying and wrapping gifts can take quite a bit of time. Be sure that you’ve budgeted yourself an adequate amount of time to undertake everything. […..]

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17 Reasons to Move During the Holidays

Christmas Cards

Have you been looking for a reason to boycott the holidays this season? The answer is simple. Just move. There are many reasons to want to just pull a Grinch and forget the holidays are even happening. Let’s just start from the beginning.   1. Holiday Cards Do you really need a constant reminder that all of your friends are married with children and your life is, well, not that? Address changed. 2. Hanging Lights Break your neck stringing lights in a tree when you already have perfectly good outdoor lighting? Ya. Let’s just skip that one altogether. 3. Holiday […..]

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Organize Like A Boss

Like A Boss

Organization is a key component of moving, and many people strive to stay organized during the move. However, when faced with an onslaught of highly stressful things to do in a limited amount of time, that goal of hyper-organization starts to melt away rather quickly. Don’t let this happen to you! If you take a true commitment to organization, not only will your move be less frustrating and discombobulated, but you’ll also feel less stressed — even as the big day approaches with the speed and force of a freight train crossing the desert. Here are 6 ways to organize […..]

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A Moving Checklist Just For You

moving checklist

Moving Checklist Are you getting ready to move? We know such times can be stressful. That’s why we’ve created this handy moving checklist to ease your moving woes!  There are many small items to consider when you’re moving, and having a handy tool like this to guide you through the process can be invaluable.   People need to consider turning off utilities at the old residence, and turning them on at the new residence.  Will you need to have electricity, water, and internet up to the last day, and ready to go at the new place?  This list includes these […..]

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Why Are Fewer Americans Moving?

Why Are Fewer Americans Moving

If you’ve seen fewer moving trucks heading down the road, you’re not alone. The United States Census Bureau has released data on how many Americans have moved between 2012 and 2013, and those statistics show that the year-over-year moving rate has declined. The nation’s mover rate sits at 11.7 percent, which is down from the 12 percent reported toward the end of 2012. About 35.9 million Americans moved have moved in the past year, down ever so slightly from the 36.5 million who moved in the prior year. These results might seem a bit surprising, since the economy is continuing […..]

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