Will the Movers Take My Candles in the Truck?

Melted Candle

We often get questions here at Garrett’s about the things we can and cannot take in the moving truck. One kind of item that we feel gets overlooked by our customers is candles. Nearly everyone has at least one, and if you are like a lot of Americans, you have a whole collection of vanilla cupcake and banana nut bread scented candles adorning your home. Unfortunately, putting your candles in the moving truck puts them at serious risk. The cargo area of a moving truck is not air conditioned. This means they get HOT, especially during the summer. And all […..]

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8 Things To Do After Your Move

Bed Frame

The last box has been unloaded. The movers have been paid. The truck has pulled away from your home. It’s done! The move is over! You might feel like celebrating at first, and then it hits you: You have SOOOO much to do. Don’t let panic get the best of you! After all, you’re already exhausted enough. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled this 8-step list of what to do and what to look out for after your move is complete. 1. Assemble essential furniture. Two things we, as humans, literally can’t live without are sleep and food. So […..]

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Think You Know the Moving Industry? Prove it With Our Moving Quiz!

Open Moving Truck

So, you think you know about the moving industry? Take our moving quiz and test your knowledge! 1. What percentage of Americans move annually? a. 6.7% b. 1.9% c. 3.5% d. 14.7% Answer: B The United States is a country on the move, with more than 1 in 10 residents moving each year. That’s over 36.4 million people each year. And all that moving around results in a moving industry that contributes a lot to the U.S. economy. In fact, the moving industry employs over 122,000 people and generates $16.5 billion in revenue per year. 2. What was the most […..]

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5 Reasons Why It’s Best to Move in the Winter

Moving Box

When you think of winter, what do you think of? Snow? Hot chocolate? Holiday cheer? Cold weather, maybe? We’re relatively sure that moving isn’t high on the list of winter thoughts. After all, winter is often the time when families circle the wagons and gather at their current homes for a variety of reasons (such as holidays, Super Bowl watch parties and warmth), rather than break out for a new one. Fewer companies tend to hire new employees in the early winter as well, so the demand for job-related moves is pretty low. But it’s time to break traditional conventions […..]

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How Do Movers Calculate the Right Weight?


Let’s play a game. Think about all the items you have in your house, from your big screen TV all the way down to your Beanie Baby collection. Now try to guess how much it all weighs together.  Do you have a magical moving calculator you can use to determine this? We’re just kidding. To your movers, however, this process is no joke. For all long distance moves they do, a weight estimate is required in order to give the customer the most accurate estimate possible. So, how do movers calculate the right weight? Magic? We wish. Lugging a giant […..]

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