How Fuel Costs Can Drive Up Your Moving Costs (And What You Can Do About It)

Moving Truck

If you’re planning a move, you likely have to factor in several things — including forking over a good deal of money. This is particularly the case when you hire a mover to facilitate the move. Now, we’re guessing that the thought of forking over a substantial amount of your hard earned money probably doesn’t make you feel all that great. In fact, it might have you grabbing the Tums and hanging on for dear life. Of course, if you know why those prices are what they are, you might not get indigestion. Heck, at the very least, you’ll be […..]

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Be Kind to Your Movers…Feed Them!

Movers in Action

The idea of moving your home may sound exhausting, but movers do it every single day. While not required by any means, you may ask yourself, “Do you feed your movers?”  Treating your movers to some refreshments is sure to brighten their day and put a smile on their face. Here’s how to give your movers some extra love. The movers are here! Jesse Scott/Flickr Ready to take this mess… John Benson/Flickr  …and somehow get it to fit perfectly inside this truck. Matthew W. Jackson/Flickr When you think about it, your movers are kind of like Supermen.  Joseph Novak/Flickr But […..]

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6 Types of Items That Are Challenging for Movers to Move


What’s your greatest moving fear? For most of us, it’s the thought of our prized possessions getting damaged en route. Reputable movers don’t try and break your stuff, but accidents do happen sometimes. While accidents can be unpredictable, there are steps we can take to prevent stress and heartache. One of those steps, undoubtedly, is to insure your most precious items. Another recommended tactic is to factor in which items are most difficult for movers to transport. What’s the value in figuring this out? First off, you can anticipate problems with moving these items before they happen. Secondly, you can […..]

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4 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Your Dallas Office Movers

Office Moving

Office move. Those are two words that strike terror into the heart of any office manager. The downtime required for an office move means that every second is critical to restoring normal operations as fast as possible. That’s why you should get several bids before choosing your office mover; an office mover that has experience in your field can save your company hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run. Besides the basic questions (reputation, insurance, etc.), there are a few particular points you should hit on to separate the most qualified office movers from the rest of the […..]

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A Guide to Apartment Moving in Dallas

Apartment Movers

Moving out of an apartment requires special considerations. Read the following tips to get prepared for your next apartment move.   If you need more than a few friends to help you move, then seeking out expert apartment movers is a great first step! Getting Your Deposit Back The amount of deposit money you get back after a move has always been a bit of a mystery for apartment renters. You think everything looks fine, and then you get a check back for half of the original deposit amount, citing ‘cleaning charges’. In order to have the best chance of […..]

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