The Ultimate Guide for a Successful Move: Help you to move beyond the ordinary

Moving for yourself, or your business, to another place or state, can be challenging at best! It’s important to ensure that everything in the house, office or storage is successfully moved from one place to the next destination. For this reason, most people prefer to hire a moving company. Before you hire a moving company it’s important that you know everything about the moving process. Once you’ve decided to hire professional movers to assist you, there’s a lot to learn.  You’ll want to avoid hiring the wrong company.  The wrong company could result in products being broken or having to […..]

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Tips for Professional Packing and Moving

after the move

Contrary to popular belief, your entire moving and packing experience can be as seamless as possible. To achieve that, make sure to follow these tips: Know that the steps require a lot of money The first tip here is a fact; if you are to have a seamless and highly effective moving and packing experience, then you should know that you are going to spend quite a lot of money. From hiring moving services and clearing certain processes to buy a new house and purchasing materials like shipping boxes, you need to ensure that you are financially prepared to undertake […..]

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Do You Need to Tip Your Long Distance Movers?

Tip Jar

Customers often ask us “Do I need to tip my movers when I’m moving long distance?”. Of course tipping is absolutely not required by any means. However, if you feel your movers did an exceptional job, you may want to thank them with a tip.  The next obvious question is “How much to tip movers?” According to an Angie’s List member survey, the “Movers” category was cited by the highest number of survey respondents as the category in which they were most likely to leave a tip. Reading that made everyone here at Garrett’s feel really thankful for being so […..]

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How Do I Make My Move As Simple As Possible – Moving Made Easy


A recent study shows that moving houses is polled to be more stressful than both divorce or starting a new job. Do you feel as though you agree? Moving your home is one of the most exciting experiences you’ll face in life, although it can be difficult to enjoy the process as we charge toward that relaxing and comforting reward. Believe it or not, the average person moves 11 times throughout a lifetime and the average weight per move is approximately 6,500 pounds. That could surely add up to a lot of heavy lifting and unneeded worry and stress. Be […..]

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CAUTION: Using an Online Moving Broker with Discounted Prices Can Lead to Dissatisfaction

moving broker

Most moving sites you see online are run by what is professionally known as moving brokers. Moving brokers act as the middleman between a customer and a moving company. They are not the actual moving companies, they do not own moving trucks and equipment or have the professional moving staff. How do moving brokers work? Moving brokers are mainly salespeople. In an ideal world, they will help you find a good moving company at a low price and ask for a fee in return. Here is how it works: A moving broker will give you an estimate mostly over the […..]

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