Why the Cost of Living is So High in Many Coastal Cities


Looking to move to the coast? Well, regardless of whether you move to the East Coast or the West Coast, you’ll likely be paying quite a bit more in cost of living expenses. Cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston and Washington are featured prominently on lists of U.S. cities with the highest cost of living. You’ll also likely see other suburban areas near these cities mentioned (such as Stanford, CT or Orange County, CA). In fact, Honolulu is the only city to consistently make the Top 10 lists for highest cost of living index […..]

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7 Things You Can Do To Reduce Long Distance Moving Stress

Stressed Out Moving Couple

Moving can take a major toll, particularly when you’re moving long-distance. Costs and stress levels can rise exponentially during this process, all as you’re trying to adjust to life in a new city or region. But there are ways to minimize this stress. These methods center around the principle that moving is both an investment and a commitment. If you take on moving tasks in a committed, responsible manner, you’ll feel more energized throughout the process. Here’s a 7 step plan follow in order to reduce long-distance moving stress. 1. Plan and organize. Moving is a major undertaking that includes […..]

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Dallas to New York: A Guide for your 3 Day, 1500 Mile Journey

Rearview Mirror

There are many questions that come up when contemplating a move to New York, including what the cost of living is like and how much downsizing is needed. However, there are other concerns that come up involving the process of moving itself — particularly if you’re driving from North Texas to the northeast. You might be wondering which route to take, how long the trip will take, and what there is to see and do along the way. To help answer those questions, we’ve come up with a brief guide. According to Google Maps, Dallas is 1,547 miles from New […..]

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5 Things to Watch Out For When Moving to College in the Northeast


August is an extremely busy time of the year for moving. That’s not because Americans like loading boxes and furniture into a truck in stifling heat. Instead, it has a lot to do with what’s on the calendar. As the Dog Days of Summer move closer to fall, colleges and universities get ready to kick off their fall semester. That means that tens of thousands of incoming freshmen move to campuses and new cities nationwide, with most going through that process in August. Of course, a great number of colleges and universities that attract students from all over America are […..]

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Home, In 400 Square Feet or Less

Single Car Garage

Imagine living in a single car garage. As crazy as that might sound at first, more and more young American professionals are now living in apartments that are about that size. Microapartments are popping up all over cities that are filled with Millennials, or young adults under the age of 30. These small units, — which, at an average of 300 square feet, are less than half the size of a typical one-bedroom unit — are a result of a combination of the minimalism, eco-friendly and urbanization movements. They’re also so popular among young professionals that developers barely even need […..]

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