We are Dallas movers that move on Sunday, with NO extra charge.

Open on Sunday

It seems like everything is harder to do on Sunday — including trying to find Sunday movers.  Garrett’s Moving & Storage not only does Sunday moves in Dallas, but we charge you nothing extra for doing it. Sunday Movers – You heard us, we will: 1) Be your Sunday movers and do your move on a Sunday. AND 2) Do it for the exact same price we would charge any other day of the week. Need to find Dallas movers on a holiday? Garrett’s can do that too. So maybe that Sunday you need to move on just happens to be Easter Sunday. Good luck […..]

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Furniture Pads or Shrink Wrap: Which Wrapping Items are Best For a Move?

Labeling Boxes

If you’re preparing to move, you probably know that the process requires a lot from you. You need to dedicate plenty of time, money and patience to the process. You’ll also need to buy plenty of supplies. It’s pretty common knowledge that boxes are a major component of moving. But what should be used to protect larger items that don’t fit in boxes? Here’s a look at two of the most prominent options: furniture pads and shrink wrap. Shrink Wrapping: Keeping It Airtight Shrink wrapping is immensely popular in the manufacturing and shipping industries. Electronics and several other items that […..]

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Reasons Why Moving to Detroit or Cleveland is Worth It


Each year, thousands of people move around to new metropolitan areas across the United States. People relocate for jobs, to start families, for higher education or even because of the allure of the area they’re moving to. Cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and Seattle are full of transplants for many of these reasons. Other cities ­– particularly those in the “Rust Belt” region near the Great Lakes such as Detroit and Cleveland – might not see as much inward migration. The words “I’m moving to New York” are uttered a lot more than “I’m moving […..]

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Why the Cost of Living is So High in Many Coastal Cities


Looking to move to the coast? Well, regardless of whether you move to the East Coast or the West Coast, you’ll likely be paying quite a bit more in cost of living expenses. Cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston and Washington are featured prominently on lists of U.S. cities with the highest cost of living. You’ll also likely see other suburban areas near these cities mentioned (such as Stanford, CT or Orange County, CA). In fact, Honolulu is the only city to consistently make the Top 10 lists for highest cost of living index […..]

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7 Things You Can Do To Reduce Long Distance Moving Stress

Stressed Out Moving Couple

Moving can take a major toll, particularly when you’re moving long-distance. Costs and stress levels can rise exponentially during this process, all as you’re trying to adjust to life in a new city or region. But there are ways to minimize this stress. These methods center around the principle that moving is both an investment and a commitment. If you take on moving tasks in a committed, responsible manner, you’ll feel more energized throughout the process. Here’s a 7 step plan follow in order to reduce long-distance moving stress. 1. Plan and organize. Moving is a major undertaking that includes […..]

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