What to Ask a Moving Company in Dallas

Unpacking Boxes

What do you ask a moving company? Have you dealt with a moving company before that you didn’t like? Did they do something that you didn’t approve of? This time be prepared. You will want to arm yourself with important questions. Have them written down before you call them so that you remember what to ask. Are There Any Hidden Fees? Ask what their fees are. Here in Dallas, TX, most of our moving companies are upfront with our fees. However, there are some fees that are not always discussed with the customer and you should be prepared. There are […..]

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Time For a Moving Sale

Moving Boxes Into Home

Check out our blog for weekly moving tips and advice from the leading Dallas movers, Garrett’s Moving and Storage! A moving sale is a bit different than a garage sale, and it tends to bring in even more excitement than a garage sale, too. People come knowing you are going to be getting rid of a lot of your belongings and they can get a deal but, they do expect a deal. So, why have a moving sale? Let’s discuss: Make A Little Money If you are moving there are a lot of benefits in having a moving sale, the […..]

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Your Moving To-Do List

Packing Boxes

Check out our blog for weekly moving tips and advice from the leading Dallas movers, Garrett’s Moving and Storage! Last week, we got a call from a small family in the area that was looking for a moving company to help them move about 300 miles away. The mom was looking forward to the move because they would be living near family, but she already had a lot going on and planning the move would be stressful. She asked if we had any suggestions for making the move easier, some kind of list that would be easy for her to […..]

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Dallas Moving Company | Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Stressed Out Moving Couple

Check out our blog for weekly moving tips and advice from the leading Dallas moving company, Garrett’s Moving and Storage! There are a ton of options when it comes to moving. An individual can choose to rent a truck and move all of their belongings on their own, they can sell everything they own and buy new furniture when they get there, or they can hire a professional moving company. While hiring a mover may seem like a more expensive way to go, for most families it is the best option. Moving is one of the most stressful activities, especially […..]

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Moving Companies Taking Advantage of Seniors

Elderly Couple

In our 20 years of experience as a Dallas moving company, seniors seem to be one of the most targeted groups by scam “moving companies”. Most of these scam movers are online moving companies that set up quickly and begin marketing to get customers with very little experience, if any. They provide extremely low quotes to get consumers to choose their company, and when they show up with the moving load, the problems begin. A main issue is how these companies are targeting seniors, who usually prefer to use a mover. The scam moving company targets this group because some […..]

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