Moving and Storage Investigation

Wrecked Moving Truck

Moving and storage companies are currently under a lot of scrutiny as a recent investigation into industry practices has revealed horrible stories of client personal property. The investigation is resulting in a bill that will place heavy charges on storage and moving companies for withholding belongings, but nonetheless The moving and storage investigation revealed some awful practices: 1) Breaking and trashing items during moving or storage. 2) Using client’s personal belongings as their own. 3) Stealing personal items. 4) Putting client’s belongings in storage unless additional fees are paid. 5) Increasing moving estimates by hundreds or thousands of dollars. This […..]

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Moving Company Laws and Changes

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Moving Company Laws and Changes Chances are you have heard horror stories about moving long distances with shady moving companies that take advantage of consumers, who have no choice but to over pay for moving services. For years these unethical companies have quoted consumers very low rates to relocate someone’s belongings, and then, at delivery, up the price astronomically, and demand payment before handing over the person’s property.To say the least, this practice has painted all moving companies as less trustworthy, and has made it difficult for honest companies to reassure new clients, and earn their business. This practice is […..]

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Moving Checklist

Family During Move

Moving Checklist  We know that moving can be a very stressful time. Fortunately, preparation is your best ally in conquering the stress associated with moving. Our moving checklist, developed through years of helping families and businesses relocate, is a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need to do in order to ensure a successful move. CLICK HERE FOR A PDF VERSION OF THE CHECKLIST 2 months before you move Start Collecting Boxes-If you start early, you’ll probably be able to get your boxes for free. Try friends and family, local businesses, and the free boards on Craig’s List. Pack Non-Essential Items-To […..]

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Nursing Homes: How a Moving Company Can Ease the Transition

Elderly Couple

  As a senior, making the transition to a nursing home or assisted living facility can be difficult. You are not only making a change in your location, but your lifestyle. One of the most important things to think about when you are moving to a nursing home is how you are going to get all of your items from your old home to your new one. Having friends and family assist you with the move is an option, but a less stressful choice is choosing a professional moving company. Here are some reasons you should consider using the services […..]

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Where to Find Cheap Moving Boxes

Dumpster Diving

When you are about to move, one of the first things you need to do is get boxes. LOTS of them. The cost of boxes can add up quickly if you don’t get them from an affordable source. Here are a few of the best places to get cheap and free moving boxes. 1. People you know Talk to family and friends to see if they have any spare boxes you can get off their hands. Also, neighbors that have recently moved to you neighborhood are a good bet to have some extra boxes lying around. By doing this, you’ll […..]

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