De-Clutter and Save Money Before You Move

Unpacking Items

Reduce Moving Costs by Having a Moving Sale! A moving sale is a bit different than a garage sale, and it tends to bring in even more excitement than a garage sale, too. People come knowing you are going to be getting rid of a lot of your belongings and they can get a deal but, they do expect a deal. So, why have a moving sale? Let’s discuss: Make A Little Money If you are moving there are a lot of benefits in having a moving sale, the biggest being that you get to make some money off any […..]

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Moving PODS: Why They May Not Be Such a Good Idea

Moving Truck

The big excitement in moving over the past couple of years is the use of moving PODS or portable moving containers. It seems like every company is coming up with their own version of one, and while this might be a good option for some people, it isn’t for everyone, and we would like to tell you why. You Have to Do the Moving Moving companies give you the opportunity to hire them to pack and move all of your items for you. You will save a lot of time, stress, and labor by allowing them to do it all […..]

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Avoid Getting Ripped Off By The Guy in the Pickup

Loaded Pickup Truck

We were excited to hear about the recent investigation into online moving companies that, for years, have been taking advantage of consumers. For years reputable moving companies have had to listen to horror stories of people getting ripped off, and their belongings effectively being held hostage by over night moving companies that are out to prey on innocent victims during an already stressful time in their lives. The senate investigation reported that thousands of people have been duped into paying for what seemed like the cheapest option and then, when they were about to have their belongings delivered, they were […..]

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Moving and Storage Investigation

Wrecked Moving Truck

Moving and storage companies are currently under a lot of scrutiny as a recent investigation into industry practices has revealed horrible stories of client personal property. The investigation is resulting in a bill that will place heavy charges on storage and moving companies for withholding belongings, but nonetheless The moving and storage investigation revealed some awful practices: 1) Breaking and trashing items during moving or storage. 2) Using client’s personal belongings as their own. 3) Stealing personal items. 4) Putting client’s belongings in storage unless additional fees are paid. 5) Increasing moving estimates by hundreds or thousands of dollars. This […..]

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Moving Company Laws and Changes

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Moving Company Laws and Changes Chances are you have heard horror stories about moving long distances with shady moving companies that take advantage of consumers, who have no choice but to over pay for moving services. For years these unethical companies have quoted consumers very low rates to relocate someone’s belongings, and then, at delivery, up the price astronomically, and demand payment before handing over the person’s property.To say the least, this practice has painted all moving companies as less trustworthy, and has made it difficult for honest companies to reassure new clients, and earn their business. This practice is […..]

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