Things To Do On Moving Day, Part 2

Furniture Layout

You are home sweet (new) home at last. After a long day of moving, don’t go all in and try to unpack everything the first night. This day is all about setting up the basics and getting adjusted to your new home. Focus on a few key things your first night home to ensure you have a basic level of comfort and are well rested for the unpacking in the days ahead. 1. Inspect Your Furniture After the movers have unloaded all the large furniture, inspect it to make sure nothing was damaged during the move. If you believe something […..]

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5 Things To Do On Moving Day, Part 1

Couple After A Move

The cupboards are bare. There is nary a toy in sight. What used to be known as your home has transformed into a giant storage unit with boxes to the ceiling. The good news is that the hardest part of moving is over for you. Now it is moving day and time for your movers to take over from here. Here are a few tips to ensure that you and your movers have a successful day. 1. Review Your Paperwork When your moving company arrives, go over all your paperwork with the crew chief or head mover to make sure […..]

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Storage Facts and Info

Spare Foot Infographic

Driving by a storage facility does not seem to drum much of a reaction out of people. If I drove by a storage facility a year ago, I wouldn’t have given it much of a second thought except for a memory of when I helped my uncle move things into a storage unit when I was eleven. If anything, people tend to think of those reality shows that depict a group of obnoxious people finding questionable items in an auction. That being said, the self-storage industry can be seen as a sort of hidden giant. Although not many people think […..]

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5 Things to Do One Week Before You Move

Cleaning Out The Fridge

Excitement is in the air. You’ve been packing for what feels like years. The house is stuffed to the brim with moving boxes. Moving day is upon us! You are approaching the finish line, so make sure to get these last few things done the week of the move to ensure a smooth moving day. 1. Clean Out The Fridge Source: The last thing you want is for it to be moving day and have a fridge full of uneaten food. A week or two before the move, try not to buy too many groceries and focus on eating […..]

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Dallas Self Storage Expedition

Dallas Self Storage Expedition Last weekend my wife and I made a trip to our Dallas self storage unit. She was in search of a hot glue gun and other craft materials. She is a teacher, and has spent hours upon hours on Pinterest, but our one bedroom apartment doesn’t have the storage to accommodate all of her craft materials.We drove to Dallas and expected our expedition to consist of 10 minutes deciding what she wanted to take and what she wanted to leave. That was not the case. We arrived Sunday afternoon as the temperature was reaching upwards of […..]

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