Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving day is the one of the busiest most of us will ever have.  It’s full of activities and needs to be thoroughly planned for in advance.  When moving with pets, there is an added responsibility of caring for their furry four-legged friends so consider these pet moving tips.

Just like humans, pets need some time to adjust to a new, strange environment. This article will give you some tips on how you can prepare them and get them ready for their new home.

Pet Moving Tips: Before the Move

1. Check local laws regarding pets.

If you are moving in a different city or state, there is a chance you might need to make slight or major adjustments for your pets to meet the standard rules and regulations regarding animals in that area. We recommend doing this as soon as you can since some of these adjustments may require a specific timeframe especially if you are moving to Hawaii and other states with strict rabies policies.

2. Schedule a Visit to the veterinarian.

Even if you don’t have special requirements, it is always good to make sure that your pets are healthy and that all the vaccinations are up to date. If your pets are not used to travelling, you can ask about anti-anxiety medication and help them stay calm during the move. Make sure to keep a copy of all the medical records, as you might need them for the new veterinarian, especially if you are moving a long distance.

3. Make travel and moving day arrangements

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Pets and small children can be easily injured during the packing and moving process. If you can, make arrangements for someone to take care of or stay with them. If you plan on traveling by car, you might need to help your pets adjust to a long-distance drive. You can do this by driving them around occasionally and making them feel comfortable in the car. Don’t forget to prepare a travel kit for them. You might also need to check out some of the great pet friendly hotels. You can find this information online.

If travelling by air, it’s important that you get all the information you need about your airline’s pet policies before you book your flight.  If you can, it might help to arrange for someone familiar with your pets to meet them at baggage claim. This might help if they arrive at baggage claim before you get there.

4. Check and Update the Microchip contact information

Another one of our pet moving tips is that most can have a Microchip Id implanted. This is an excellent way to keep your contact information with your pets at all times.

5. After the move

When moving in a new home or new apartment, there is a significant change in the environment, especially for pets. With pets like dogs and cats which have a developed sense of smell, they will notice the difference immediately.  This does not help them adjust to the new environment.  There is also chance that previous occupant had pets and they may have left some traces.  For territorial animals like dogs and cats, if they detect these traces they might start marking their territories.  To prevent this you can thoroughly clean the house/apartments to clean up all the traces left by the previous occupant.

Other pet moving tips to help your pets adjust quickly:

– Bring along their favorite toys
– Save some time to play with them as much as you can
– Don’t leave them alone for an extended period
– Take them to the park to help them get familiar with their new neighborhood.

Are you or your friend or relative planning to move?  Give us a call at 972.487.5843 for a free quote for professional moving services. Our friendly team is ready to give you additional tips to help you have seamless moving experience.

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