17 Reasons to Move During the Holidays

Have you been looking for a reason to boycott the holidays this season? The answer is simple. Just move.

There are many reasons to want to just pull a Grinch and forget the holidays are even happening. Let’s just start from the beginning.


1. Holiday Cards
Christmas Cards

Do you really need a constant reminder that all of your friends are married with children and your life is, well, not that? Address changed.

2. Hanging Lights
Holiday Lights
Break your neck stringing lights in a tree when you already have perfectly good outdoor lighting? Ya. Let’s just skip that one altogether.

3. Holiday Decorations
Excessive Lights
Really? Who really needs 10 light-up reindeer chilling on your front yard  racking up your energy bills and illuminating your bedroom while you try to sleep? Is this seriously necessary?

4. Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Yes, let’s bring a giant tree indoors and dress it. That just simply doesn’t even make sense. Leave nature where it belongs. Outside. Naked.

5. Office Parties
Office Parties
Yes. Because we don’t spend enough time with these people. Let’s throw in yet another way to embarrass ourselves in front of our coworkers. Not anymore. Quit that job. Get out of there.

6. Gift Giving
Holiday Gifts
Buy gifts for friends and loved ones? How about not. Spend that hard earned money (or lack there of) on yourself. That’s what the holidays are all about anyway.

7. Getting Dressed Up
Holiday Clothing
Nope. Put everything besides your sweats in a box and pack that baby up.

8. Awkward Holiday Parties
Holiday Parties
Well, there’s a neat idea. Why don’t you put together a group of people who you literally see once a year and spend an entire evening making small talk. Or instead, you could move and avoid all uncomfortable situations.

9. Alone?
Alone During The Holidays
Well that’s just swell. Because there is absolutely nothing like the holidays to remind you that you are so, so, completely and undeniably alone.

10. In-Laws
They want to spend “quality time” during the holidays? Great! Invite them ALL over. You won’t be there.

11. Receiving Gifts
Yes, because we all love forcing a polite smile when Grandma gives you that tasteless winter sweater. Thanks grandma, but no thanks. Relax those cheekbones. You are at least 50 miles away cruising in a moving van.

12. Family Drama
Crying Boy
It’s simply impossible to put every member of your family in a room and not have some sort of disagreement. Solution? Avoid that.

13. Misletoe
Holiday Mistletoe
Just no.

14. This question
Single Problems
Not this year granny. Not. This. Year.

15. New Year’s Resolutions
New Years Resolution
Who actually stays loyal to these anyway? Go somewhere. Far away. Where no one can hold you accountable to these false hopes.

16. Unavoidable Weight Gain
Ape Looking Down
Finally. The holidays are over and gone. Nope, you got a souvenir. Thanks holiday parties. Time to whip out those fat jeans again. OR you could have just stressed off all those calories with a big move.

17. Unless you are a rare exception
Baby With Nutella

Then go on you crazy kid. Enjoy the holidays.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season from Garrett’s Moving and Storage!


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