Red FLAGS for Moving Scams

Looking for a moving company to help you move can be very hard and tedious.  It takes a lot of research and comparing to find the right movers for you. Here are some red flags for moving companies that can be potential sources for moving scams.

Moving Scams: The Psychic Mover

Psychic Mover Blog 2 moving scams

If a moving company gives you an estimate over the phone without ever setting foot into your home, they are more than likely trying to sell moving scams. These type of moving companies offer the “too good to be true,” estimates to attract potential customers. If a customer decides to continue with this company, the actual estimate would be much higher since the original estimate was never put on paper and you’ll probably wind up paying hidden fees that weren’t disclosed before.

Quick Looker

Glance Looker Blog 2Good for you, a moving company has sent out one of their workers to view your home but they only stayed for 5 minutes and gave you an estimate. This is another form of moving scams! If the mover did not ask questions about what you are keeping, what’s leaving or even take notes this is a set up for unexpected charges. In situations like this, these movers will keep some of your stuff until you pay the additional fees of the “extra items,” that they will claim they were not informed about. Do not get stuck in a rut like this, if the mover only glanced around for a few minutes, do not continue business with them find another moving company that cares.


Bewertungs-set, vektor smileysThe beauty of the World Wide Web is that you can find reviews. Moving is hectic and of course some things might get scratched. Companies can receive good reviews, mixed and/or bad reviews. Depending on how many reviewers they have on their page and the customer’s ratings, scales out a companies’ overall rank. If you ever see a bad review on a moving company’s page and the following day there’s a positive review that has nothing but a raving review this is a pattern throughout their page; could be a sign of a faulty company promoting moving scams, for example:


Jane Writes: I will not use Pick Me Up moving company ever again! My furniture was damaged, the movers took multiple breaks, they did not latch the door of the truck and some of my things have gone flying down the highway! Their insurance policy barely covered anything and the company will not return my calls! Customer you have been warned!


Jonathan writes: Pick Me Up moving company are the best! They arrived on time, secure my belongings and even called back to ask about my move! I recommend them to all my friends! I did not have any problems with this company and have no idea where the negative reviews are coming from.

As mentioned before a company can have mixed reviews. But you can usually filter out which reviews are genuine and others that can just be placed by the company. With the Pick Me Up company, instead of replying to Jane’s review on the web their main concern was their overall rank online. So they wrote a positive review to balance out Jane’s negative review. If you see something like this or if a company has too many bad reviews, keep searching for a company you trust and avoid moving scams!

Formally Known As

Name Change Blog 2 moving scamsReliable Movers, Moving Out, Move and Store, Pick Me Up moving company! Same staffers, same horrible customer service but the only thing different is the company’s new name! Be watchful for moving companies that change their name often. Companies do this to get away from their bad reputation and try to start a new beginning. They also do this to get around the Better Business Bureau so that their new company name will have a clean slate. If a company has multiple name changes that’s a clear sign that they are not the moving company for you.  As listed above, check reviews, get references, word of mouth, or even ask your realtor about a reliable moving company to avoid moving scams.

Deposit, Please

Money Exchange Blog 2If a moving company requires a deposit before delivery or before the move, do not pay them and find another company. You pay a mover once your belongings have been delivered to your new home and avoid moving scams.


Hopefully, these tips can give a guide on how to scope out these fraudulent moving companies and avoid moving scams. Do you need a moving company for your move? Contact us at or call us at 972-487-5843.

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