De-Clutter and Save Money Before You Move

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Reduce Moving Costs by Having a Moving Sale!

A moving sale is a bit different than a garage sale, and it tends to bring in even more excitement than a garage sale, too. People come knowing you are going to be getting rid of a lot of your belongings and they can get a deal but, they do expect a deal. So, why have a moving sale? Let’s discuss:

Make A Little Money

If you are moving there are a lot of benefits in having a moving sale, the biggest being that you get to make some money off any items you aren’t taking with you. Extra couches, chairs, dining furniture, beds, desks, the list goes on and on, if you won’t be using it in your new home, put it up for sale.  Any item you sell, reduces your moving costs because it will no longer be going on the truck!

Less Moving Space Needed

Another benefit of the moving sale is that you can take up less space in your moving truck. Some companies base moving costs on how much space your items take up in the truck, for instance, if they are allowing other consumers to rent space, too.

Less Storage Space Needed

Storage companies at the new place, or where you already are, charge by how much space you need. When you have fewer belongings, especially furniture, you can rent a smaller room, thereby reducing moving costs. In the new area, you might only have to rent storage space for a few months, but if you need space where you are for some reason, you will probably have it for several months at the least.

De-Clutter Your Life

As humans we tend to collect, keep, and attach feelings to items. Usually this kind of behavior is perfectly fine but, for a lot of people, a moving sale is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the ‘extra’ stuff you don’t need.  The less you have, the less you move, and the lower your moving costs!

For months, you’ve probably thought of cleaning out your closets, pantries, sheds, bins of toys, clothes, Christmas decorations, etc. There is no better time to de-clutter than when you are moving. Things never seem so unimportant than when you will be carrying (moving) them so far.

How to Price Your Items

There is no definite way to maximize your pricing, while also getting buyers who still want the deal. There are however, a few things you can do, to figure out how to price your belongings for a moving sale.

Craigslist– You can post your items on Craigslist, or you can check to see what others are asking for similar items.

Facebook Garage Sale– Most areas have a Facebook Garage sale or Yard sale. Join the group for your area and go through their archives to see what people are paying for items similar to your own.

Garage Sales– Visit other garage and home sales to see what their prices are, and use those as a reference.

Use Your Best Judgment– Depending on the item, choose a price that seems fair to you and the buyer, and be ready to haggle, no matter where you sell.

Moving is stressful, and having a moving sale can be fun or daunting. If you need the money, truck space, or less clutter, consider putting on a sale. If it is going to be too much hassle, put as much as you can in storage, or give things away, there are always people looking for free furniture, clothes, etc.  Sometimes the amount you save in moving costs by giving things away will be greater than the amount you’d make on the items in a moving sale.

After you’ve completed your moving sale, its time to start packing and choose a moving company.   Garrett’s Moving and Storage has 20 years of experience in moving and storage in Dallas and across the country, and we are BBB accredited so you know your belongings will be in good hands. We also have a best-in-the-industry extended coverage policy. Contact us today at 972-487-5843 for a free estimate or click here to request a moving costs quote online from the leading Dallas moving company.

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