Planning for a seamless office move

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In a poll conducted in England, 61 percent of the 2000 adults who moved in the past 3 years placed moving at the top of the most stressing experiences they ever had to deal with. Relationship break up, divorce and starting a new job came second. When it comes to Office moving and working with relocation companies, it gets even more complicated. The key to having an effortless office transition lies in timely planning and breaking the process down into small manageable steps. We put this article together to help achieve that.

Depending on the cause of the move, the requirements and the moving process may differ from case to case. However, somethings remain the same. Whether the whole office is moving to a new location or if the company is branching out to extend the reach of their services and products, the moving process will always have these stages:

  1. The moving project preparation stage

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The planning stage is very important because rest of the process going smoothly depends on it. When planning for an office move keep in mind that changing locations will affect the staff, vendors, and the customers. The assistance you’ll need will extend beyond just the relocation companies you may consider.  To make sure that all these important components of your business operation are accounted for you can:

Set the process timeframe

Determine possible locations

Determine desired space

Establish the moving budget

Determine the external vendors you will need

Check with local authorities for local moving regulations and if you need any permits

You will also need to inform your staff and if possible conduct a small survey to see what they think of the proposed locations and how it will affect their commute to work and their productivity.

  1. The planning stage

In this stage, you have already covered the basics. You have part of the plan but you still need to make sure that you have all the pieces of the puzzle. At this point you might have the budget, the location, and a list of services you will need from vendors but you still need to:

Set the dates

Plan for the working procedures during the move

Coordinate the staff (appoint department move coordinators)

Communicate with the customers about the new location

Communicate with your utility service provider and make sure they serve the new location

Plan for furniture arrangement and office equipment

While planning for furniture arrangement, you will also need to decide what to do with the current furniture. If your company is branching out you may simply need to buy new furniture. However, if you are moving to a new location you might need to keep some of the furniture from your old location. If this is the case, you will also need to check if your furniture will fit in the new cubicle set up (location). The same goes for the other office equipment including IT & communication devices, AC & Ventilation systems, security & monitoring systems.

  1. During the move

Maintaining a normal working procedure while also moving to a new location is nearly impossible. Depending on the size of the company some would opt to set the moving days on the weekend or set up logistic arrangements for the company departments that will be directly affected with the move.  As you obtain bids from relocation companies, make sure they’re aware of these requirements.

Here is a list of some arrangements you can make to avoid commotion during the move:

Set appropriate parking and drop-off area guidelines

Schedule or restrict elevator access on both locations

Assign a packing and unpacking area

Assign loading and unloading area

You can also modify the working hours schedule to accommodate the move. This will enable you to restrict building access during moving hours. Having proper preparation will help you avoid a chaotic work environment and reduce safety risks.

Hiring a reputable commercial moving company will minimize stress, time and money.  Garrett’s Moving and Storage is the mover of choice when it comes to relocation companies!  If you are planning for an office move give us a call at 972 487 5843 for a free quote.

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