Relocation Costs – Avoid the Unexpected

Unexpected relocation costss

Everyone expects some surprise relocation costs, but sometimes there are hidden expenses that can majorly throw off a budget. Here are some of the sneaky ways a move can cost more than expected.

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Replacement Items

Whether it was lost in the move, or packed in the wrong box, chances are you will have to pick up a few things on the fly to get you through the first week in a new place. From cleaning supplies to organizational items, sometimes you just can’t find what you need when you first move in! Explicit box labeling can help avoid this relocation cost. Not to mention strategically packing certain boxes of items you know you will need sooner rather than later.


Moving across town is one thing, but a major relocation cost can be restocking the fridge after a long move. Unless you can keep staples cold the entire trip, getting everything all over again can really add up. Don’t let the unexpected relocation cost of a major grocery trip ruin your moving budget! Make sure to plan what you can bring with you and what you will have to buy when you get to your new home.

Hotels and Unexpected Stops

Driving across the state or country to a new home can be fun and exciting! It can also come accidents and car issues. Having to put your family up in a hotel for an extra night waiting on your car or truck to be repaired can get expensive. While it is important to budget for your trip, leave some wiggle room to cover those unexpected relocation costs. Whether it’s a car repair, family member becoming ill, or just not covering as much road as you thought you could in the allotted time. Sometimes roads are closed, or gas is more expensive than expected. Take a deep breath and appreciate the extra couple hundred dollars you left in the travel budget “just in case”.


To keep unexpected relocation costs to a minimum, try to research activation fees before you move. Every county can have different requirements when it comes to what gas or electric company you can use in your new place. Not to mention each company can have different rules and fees when it comes to getting those services turned on! Make sure you know what paperwork you have to bring (like a lease agreement or specific ID requirements) so you aren’t literally left in the dark. Don’t have the best credit? Remember that most utility companies will require a deposit to get things started. Always ask if they will accept a letter of credit from your previous utility company to waive the deposit. If you have bad credit but a good payment history, you may be able to get out of the initial deposit fee.

Don’t Let Unexpected Relocation Costs Break the Bank

Leave wiggle room in your budget for the little (or big) things that may come up during a move. Planning ahead is great, but sometimes life’s problems can’t be predicted. Like a storm that forces you to take an extra night at a hotel, or a child leaving a beloved stuffed animal at a rest stop in the last state.  

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