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Things to Do After You Move

Things to Do After You Move

    Of course the obvious thing to do after you move into your new home is to unpack and organize. But there’s more to the list than that, listed below are things to do after you move into your new home. Take Pictures If you are moving into a rented property rather that’s a house or an apartment, you should take pictures before you unpack. We have mentioned this in our “First Apartment Tips,” blog. It’s good to take pictures before you unpack and get settled in, so that when you do move out you have proof of how […..]

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Why You Should Get Mover’s Insurance

Mover's Insurance

You are going over the costs of how much it will be to move, getting several estimates from other movers. But once you find a mover or while you look for one, you might have to consider getting mover’s insurance or why you should get mover’s insurance. 60 cents on the Pound- Mover’s Liability  You’ve probably come across this on many movers’ websites and even heard it through the phone from them, assuming this is mover’s insurance. This is NOT INSURANCE this is VALUATION that the movers are require to have for liability. Valuation coverage is standard coverage that movers […..]

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Moving Back in with Your Parents

Moving Back With Parents

Rather you just graduated from college, going through a divorce, lost your job, whatever the case might be moving back in with your parents can be a hard pill to swallow. Recent studies have shown due to the economy recent college grads, 20-30 somethings are returning back home. Here are some tips about moving back in with your parents.   Expectations Before you move back in make sure you discuss the expectations your parents have for you. Moving back in with your parents is a different transition then bunking it with a friend. It’s their house and their rules, and […..]

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Dallas Self Storage Expedition

Dallas Self Storage Expedition Last weekend my wife and I made a trip to our Dallas self storage unit. She was in search of a hot glue gun and other craft materials. She is a teacher, and has spent hours upon hours on Pinterest, but our one bedroom apartment doesn’t have the storage to accommodate all of her craft materials.We drove to Dallas and expected our expedition to consist of 10 minutes deciding what she wanted to take and what she wanted to leave. That was not the case. We arrived Sunday afternoon as the temperature was reaching upwards of […..]

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Things To Do One Month Before Your Move

checklist for moving

So it’s one month before the big day! Hopefully you followed the tips from our last blog and you are already well on your way to enjoying a successful move. But it’s no time to let up now. Here is a checklist for moving one month before you move. Checklist for Moving 1. Let everyone know you are changing addresses Look fun? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. We have all gone to our mailbox and found letters and magazine subscriptions addressed to the old tenant. Don’t let this happen to you! Be sure to let everyone, including your post […..]

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