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Moving Back in with Your Parents

Moving Back With Parents

Rather you just graduated from college, going through a divorce, lost your job, whatever the case might be moving back in with your parents can be a hard pill to swallow. Recent studies have shown due to the economy recent college grads, 20-30 somethings are returning back home. Here are some tips about moving back in with your parents.   Expectations Before you move back in make sure you discuss the expectations your parents have for you. Moving back in with your parents is a different transition then bunking it with a friend. It’s their house and their rules, and […..]

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A Moving Checklist Just For You

moving checklist

Moving Checklist Are you getting ready to move? We know such times can be stressful. That’s why we’ve created this handy moving checklist to ease your moving woes!  There are many small items to consider when you’re moving, and having a handy tool like this to guide you through the process can be invaluable.   People need to consider turning off utilities at the old residence, and turning them on at the new residence.  Will you need to have electricity, water, and internet up to the last day, and ready to go at the new place?  This list includes these […..]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid One Day Packing

Labeling Moving Boxes

So you’re preparing to move to a new home. You’ve signed all the paperwork, made all the necessary accommodations, and now you need to pack. You take a deep breath, get the Pepto Bismol ready for any bumpy or stressful moments, and start packing. But when do you start this the packing process? Chances are, if you’re one of the many procrastinators out there, you might be doing everything the day before a move. Although last-minute packing is quite common, it’s a really unhealthy way to take on such a monumental task. Here are three reasons why it’s better to […..]

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7 Things You Can Do To Reduce Long Distance Moving Stress

Stressed Out Moving Couple

Moving can take a major toll, particularly when you’re moving long-distance. Costs and stress levels can rise exponentially during this process, all as you’re trying to adjust to life in a new city or region. But there are ways to minimize this stress. These methods center around the principle that moving is both an investment and a commitment. If you take on moving tasks in a committed, responsible manner, you’ll feel more energized throughout the process. Here’s a 7 step plan follow in order to reduce long-distance moving stress. 1. Plan and organize. Moving is a major undertaking that includes […..]

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