Things to Do After You Move


 Things to Do After You Move

Of course the obvious thing to do after you move into your new home is to unpack and organize. But there’s more to the list than that, listed below are things to do after you move into your new home.

Take Pictures

Things to Do After You Move

If you are moving into a rented property rather that’s a house or an apartment, you should take pictures before you unpack. We have mentioned this in our “First Apartment Tips,” blog. It’s good to take pictures before you unpack and get settled in, so that when you do move out you have proof of how the space looked before you got there. It’s a way to protect yourself so you can receive your deposit back if you are renting.


Check Your Belongings

Things to Do After You Move

While you unpack check your belongings and appliances (if you had to bring your own appliances to your new home) for breakage during your move. If there are any damages you can read our Why You Should Get Mover’s Insurance, if you used movers for your move.


Secure Your Home- Change Your Locks

Things To Do After You Move

 If you are not the first owners/renters more than likely someone has lived in your home before you. Even though the previous tenants are supposed to give back their keys, but people sometimes do have copies. Its best to change your locks for your own security of your new home.


Things to Do After You Move-Change Your Address

Things to Do After You Move

Inform your post office that you have moved its best to do this before you move, because this is a task that we can easily forget after moving day. You do not need to step in your local post office to do so, you can do it online (

Make sure you also change the address on your bills, any other accounts you might have to your current one and ALSO DRIVING LICENSE!


Register Your Vehicle

Things To After You Move

If you are moving into a new state, then you’ll have to register your vehicle within that state. It’s best to visit your local DMV to get more information on how to register your vehicle within your state. Some states vary on getting your car registered within their state.

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