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We know how difficult it can be to move, especially when it is a full estate.

Moving can be one of the most stressful times in your life. There are many tips to avoid the stress that moving can cause.

-Do your research before you move
-Call around
-Take your personal belongings with you
-Do an inventory of your belongings
-Take pictures

It is important that you know about the moving procedures of the moving company that will be handling your belongings. You will want to make sure that the moving company that you have chosen will take care of your belongings in a way that they would take care of their own belongings.

You should call around to at least 3 moving companies in your area. The more you call the more you will know. You will want to ask:

-Who will have your belongings?
-Who will be moving them?
-Do they have references?
-Are they licensed, bonded, and insured?
-What their rating is with the Better Business Bureau?

Often times moving companies recommend that you pack your most personal belongings and take them with you if you are able to. Items such as: family heirlooms, jewelry, clothes that you will need, and anything that you will need when you first arrive to where you are moving to should be packed and taken with you.

You should take the most precious things with you that you cannot live without. Moving companies should have insurance to cover those items but some things cannot be replaced.

An inventory should be done of everything that is to be moved. You will want to go over the inventory with the moving company when your move first begins and again when the move is over.

An itemized list of the more expensive items with the serial numbers of those items should be kept with you until the very end of the move. The moving company’s insurance will only cover items that are agreed upon that were moved. If you cannot prove that the item was moved then you may have a hard time getting insurance to cover the item.

You should take pictures of all of the items that are to be moved. It can be very helpful to locate something that you were wanting in a certain room if you have a picture of the previous room that it came out of. Pictures can be helpful to the moving crew as well so that they can have an easier time to remember which items go in each room.

When it comes to moving it is very important that you trust the moving company that is moving your belongings. The more you find out about the moving company before the move begins the better you will feel. We are free to answer any questions you might have, give us a call and we can assist you right over the phone.

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