Top 3 Moving Tips for Your New Move

Moving into a new home can be exciting and exhausting!  You’re running around to make sure everything is packed neatly, double checking to make sure you have everything and that everything is transferred safely to your new home will make anyone pass out.  Here are some helpful moving tips that should give you a little ease with your move:

Moving Tips: #1 Make A List:

If you have up to 3 months before your big move, you should make a check list of your move. Rather that’s making a list which room you’re going to pack up first, to which objects are going into which box, etc. Having a check list makes everything easier; you can have somewhat of a control with your move by doing this and taking advantage of our other moving tips.

Clean House for Moving | Moving Tips

#2 Clean House:

Another one of our moving tips is to get rid of items you will not need in your new home.  You can also do this up to 3 months before your move as well. Once, you remove the items you will not take along with you to your new home this will make packing and unpacking blissful! You can do this by throwing things away or giving them to someone else.

Supplies & Boxes for Moving

#3 Boxes and Supplies:

Of course you cannot forget to get boxes for your move!  Make sure you have boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper, tape and makers.  Do not forget to label your boxes and if you feel the need to make a list of which items are in what boxes, that’s always a great idea as well.  If your move might need a moving company’s assistance and you’re in the DFW area call us Garret’s Moving & Storage at 972-487-5843 or visit our website  We want to make sure your move is as successful as can be, so we’re happy to share the moving tips we’ve collected over the years.

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