TOP 6 Tips for Making Assisted Living Moves Easier!

Moving Mom To 24/7 Assisted Living

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The following scene is playing out a thousand times every month across America.  The husband has died several years past, and the mother has fallen. While she’s recuperating, the Doctor tells the family that “Mom can no longer live alone.” The family now begins a “crash dive” into the world of Assisted Living Moves and Memory Care.  This move is unlike any other move she will make. The Doctor has recommended it and your loved one realizes the time has come.   Here are the TOP 6 Tips for Making Assisted Living Moves Easier!

1/   Make Your Loved One A Partner In The Search.    

Initially, visit a few Assisted Living facilities on your own. Afterward, decide on the best candidates and visit with your loved one.   Facilitate their choice by preparing a list of your mom’s Likes/Dislikes as this will make the decision process smoother.  

2/   Downsizing

By participating in the choice of Assisted Living facilities, your Senior knows the size of the room they are moving to so they become a partner in making sure they bring only what they need.  

3/   Plan The Move-In Day Carefully.  

While Garrett’s Moving gently unpacks your Seniors belongings, the staff of the Assisted Living facility can take your Senior on a Get To Know You Tour where they meet a number of residents.    Assisted Living Moves is an art that many facilities excel at AND hiring an experienced mover makes it painless.   Planning ahead will make easing your loved one into their new home a positive experience.

4/   Welcome Committee.  

This is a busy time because the minor details are being taken care of by family while the Senior gets used to the new facility.  Oftentimes, a week or two goes by before the new arrival ventures into activities.   Make sure the Assisted Living facility has a welcome committee to encourage your loved one to participate.   There’s nothing like a friendly smile for someone to feel welcome.

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5/   Tribal Wisdom.     

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, it’s a big deal to change doctors, etc.    Moving into an Assisted Living facility close by a family member is important so your loved one is comfortable … but what is just as important is the “tribal wisdom” that your family has with regard to a good hair stylist, dentist, general doctor, pet groomer or any other need you may have.    AL facilities provide a lot of services but having the right pet groomer sometimes makes all the difference for your loved one. 

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6/   Family Support.   

I know many many people at Assisted Living facilities and there is nothing like having a son or daughter who is 5 minutes away.    It’s called, “peace of mind” to a senior.    On the other hand, you don’t have to jump up and drive over after every phone call.   Learning how to “read” what they are saying to you and then calling the Concierge at the facility can help you to know when you really need to go.  

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As you work with your loved one to plan the move, consider one of our previous articles about moving companies that take advantage of seniors to be on the lookout for problems.

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