Unexpected moving expenses to avoid in 2017 (part 1)

unexpected moving expenses

When moving most people are stressed about finding their new home or apartment, hiring movers or moving trucks; and many more obvious issues that can directly affect them. However, there are some unexpected expenses that arise and these could cost you thousands to cover them. In this article, we will discuss some of the unexpected moving expenses to help you avoid them if you plan on moving in 2017.

Transfer fees

When you move to a new place close to your old home/apartment, you may have the benefit of keeping your existing utilities like, telephone, internet, television and electricity. This comes in handy, because most utility companies offer the option of transferring your services online or on the phone. This could save you time and money. However, depending on the type of services, transferring might be more expensive than switching to new service providers.

How to Avoid unexpected moving expenses: Weigh your options. Before you decide to transfer, do a search for local service providers and compare your options.

Storage and Lodging

It’s rare that everything goes as planned. There is so much going on and some of the situations are beyond your control. If you are not moving in your new home/apartment right away. You will need a temporary storage and/or lodging service. This is could be expensive especially depending on how much space you need. There is also a possibility that your new home/apartment may not be as big as you expected. In this case, you might need a long-term storage solution. At Garrett’s Moving and Storage we offer affordable short and long-term storage service. We have a team and facility that specialize in keeping your belonging in the good condition.

Contract Penalties

Cancelling your memberships and subscription ahead of their expiration could cost you. Most people lose money because they are misinformed or they assume that they cannot get out of their monthly or annual contracts.

What to do to limit unexpected moving expenses:  Review the terms and conditions of your memberships. Some memberships have a loophole for members who move. Especially if it is a job-related relocation. You might need to provide some documents to prove that you are really moving.

Auto insurance and renter’s insurance

Your new location might affect your auto insurance. Urban and densely populated areas tend to have a higher accident rate and this increases your insurance cost. If you are moving in a different state, there is a chance your insurance rate can change. Each state has their own minimum liability. The income rate of the population is also one of the factors that can affect your insurance.

Some building and landlords also demand renter’s insurance to avoid responsibility of their tenant’s belongings. This insurance cost will also depend on your location. The insurance cost in locations that have a high rate of natural disaster occurrence is always high.

Beware of Unexpected Moving Expenses from a Mail Mix up

After moving, it’s hard to remember subscription and payments that you need change address for. Even with mail forwarding available there is always a risk of your bills being sent to your old address and this exposes you to late fees on missed payments.

The best option possible is to switch as many bills as you can to online bill pay until you are sure there is no more mail being sent to your old address.

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