What to Know Before Moving in With Your Significant Other

You’re thinking about moving in together, congratulations! This can be one of the best and most exciting times of life, which means you’ll want to keep it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Though moving can be a big hassle, it doesn’t have to be if the move is done right. Aside from making decisions on how and where to move in together, there are some other factors to consider before you make the decision. Here are some things to talk about and know before you make the move:

Know Your Financial Situation

Though it may seem intimidating, it’s vitally important to have the money talk before you even consider moving in together. Research has proven that managing finances is the number one stress-inducing aspect of relationships today. Without understanding where each person stands financially, it may hinder your ability to make big decisions with your best friend in the future.

Managing your finances now will not only impact your future, but it will also establish a baseline of where to begin today. For example, if you learn that your partner is trying to improve their credit or overall financial situation, you might want to be wary of traditional institutions with strict policies that can make getting back on your feet even harder. Instead, consider a second chance banking alternative that won’t penalize you for past mistakes. Maintaining a good credit score will have a significant impact on what types of mortgages you can apply for, and ultimately, where you and your significant other are able to move.

Know Each Other’s Love Language

If you haven’t heard of the 5 Love Languages, it may be time to learn. Understanding both you and your partner’s love language can help improve your relationship and how to communicate. Now that you’re moving in together, you’ll want to make sure you can express your thoughts and feelings effectively in order to have greater happiness and success down the road.

What’s amazing about moving in together is you’ll learn how to love each other in a different way: you won’t just be together when you’re at your prime, but you will experience life together even when not at your best. Understanding how to work on your relationship and how each person wants the relationship to flourish is crucial and easier than it may originally appear.

Know How Each Person Uses Their Space

If you haven’t already, figure out how each of you like to use your space, including how clean you like it, how you will mix your things together, and type of decor. This will help you know how to compromise and find a way to use your new place in a way that both of you will appreciate. Cleanliness is a topic of particular importance since, oftentimes, one partner will like things more organized than the other. Without having these discussions, it may lead to conflict later in the relationship.

The other aspect of space to address is the layout of your new apartment and how influential both of your tastes will be in the design. If both of you love to decorate, make sure to know that before you move and begin to buy decorations, especially to avoid one partner feeling left out. However, if one of you is more lenient about the layout of your new home, then the other can feel free to spruce up your new space as needed. If you’re looking for ideas, there are always social boards that have good ideas on what to add to your space.

Living with Your Favorite Person

In the end, you will be moving in with your best friend, a person that has already been influential in your life. Have fun with them! This is a time to celebrate, relax and enjoy the time you have together. Now that you have your own place together, you’ll be able to have more creative dates and even some fun nights in. Knowing these basic tips will help eliminate some of the stress that comes with moving and allow you to celebrate this wonderful time of your lives.

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